Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Years First

This year I am celebrating a FIRST!!!

This is the first New Years in about 5 years that I have not made the Resolution to Loose Weight. I am actually at my goal weight for the first time since.... lets say... pre-babies.

I actually thought I would never get to this weight again. I have one piece of advise to anyone who is making the resolution to loose weight. I tried, and tried for years to sweat my lbs off but it never worked. I wouldn't gain weight while I was running, or what naught, but I never lost. I refused to change my eating habits for a long time. Then I wondered why I never lost much weight.

What I learned: If you want to loose weight


~with love, Bug

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Desparate Times...

This is what happens in the morning when you've only got one bathroom.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Surprised and Touched

Last night I read The Best Christmas Pageant Ever to the kids. I remember reading it when I was a kid and thinking that it was the most hilarious book I had ever read.

I looked forward to sharing with my kids how deplorable the Herdman kids were, and all the funny and crazy things they did. From smoking cigars, to burning down a tool shed... all I remembered about the book was how funny it was.

But I was in for a surprise. I forgot how much the kids who had never heard of Jesus before got into the story of his birth. They were so mad that Jesus was born in a barn, and they wanted to lynch old King Herod.

Then, as we were reading about the night of the pageant I was brought to tears. Those dirty, terrible, Herdman boys (playing wise men) thought that oil was a pretty rotten gift for baby Jesus, so they brought their Christmas ham that came in their welfare basket. Oh, my goodness. I had to put the book down and collect myself.

That ham was the best thing that the Herdmans had. What a good example they were. Let us all bring our BEST GIFTS to the Lord.

Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Quiz

I did one of these for our Christmas letter one year and I'm thinking of making it a tradition. So.... which member of the Hill/Snider Family are you most like?

1. When you wake in the morning you:
a) Pull the covers over your head and go back to sleep.
b) Jump out of bed and sing good morning songs.
c) Walk around in a daze and stare at stuff.
d) Are grumpy
e) Start begging for breakfast right away.
f) Need Daddy cuddles.
g) Need Mommy cuddles.

2. Your favorite show is:
a) Biggest Looser
b) Ghost Hunters
c) Star Wars Clone Wars
d) Cheaper By The Dozen
e) Transformers
f) Scooby Doo
g) Dora/Diego

3. You would rather be:
a) Walking your favorite trail
b) Taking a Bubble Bath
c) Playing on Club Penguin
d) Reading
e) Making airplanes out of Lego's
f) Playing with your favorite Step-Brother
g) watching Dora/Diego

4. The shoes you wear most these days are:
a) Athletic Shoes
b) Boots with a soft warm lining
c) Used to be white, but now are a kind of dirt shade.
d) Black and White Vans
e) Have Spiderman on them
f) Are brown and pink
g) Have Ninja Turtles on them

5. One word to describe you:
a) Caring
b) Responsible
c) Social
d) Intelligent
e) Loving
f) Spirited
g) Sweet

6. You want this for Christmas:
a) Cargo Khaki Pants
b) Pajamas
c) Yugio Cards
d) Harry Potter 2nd book: Chamber of Secrets
e) Mini Cons (transformers)
f) a Pony
g) a Whoopie Cushion

7. Your Philosophy on Life:
a) Health is in Mind, Body, and Spirit
b) I can do hard things
c) Take your time, there's no rush
d) If you don't know, read about it and find out
e) If your kind to others, they will be kind to you
d) Always smile
g) You can do it, nothing to it (just need a RESCUE PACK)

If you answered mostly A's then you are most like Honey Bear. You care a lot about other people. When things aren't right it bugs you. You like to exercise and eat healthy food.

If you answered mostly B's then you are like Bug. You are a responsible hard worker. Sometimes you put others before yourself. You like to be challenged and succeed.

If you answered mostly C's than you are like Big Brother. It takes you a while to get going, and sometimes it's hard to focus on what you are doing when there are distractions. You are popular and well liked, and your peers enjoy your company.

If you answered mostly D's then you are like The Brain. You enjoy reading more than just about anything. You love to learn new things. You don't have to be with other people to have a good time. A book is all you need.

If you answered mostly E's then you are like Mr. Fingers. You are very social and well liked by all your peers. You are loving and caring. You also are bright, and enjoy creating your own toys out of found objects.

If you answered mostly F's then you are like Lil Sis. You are too cute, and your smile will get you just abut anything you want. You love playing with your friends and family.

If you answered mostly G's then you are like The Snake. You are little Mr. Personality. You can go from bliss to "the stink eye" quicker than lickity split. When you grow up you are going to marry Dora the Explorer.

We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


This is the story of three special ornaments on our tree:

1. The Club Penguin ornament

This is a new ornament that I splurged on (a whole $12). I found a new form of motivation this year to get The Brain and Mr. Fingers to do anything I want. "If you... (clean your room, sweep the entry way, do my taxes) then you can play on club penguin for 30 minutes." Club Penguin is an Internet site where you have this penguin, give it a name, it makes friends, and plays games, and earns points, so it can buy pet puffles (silly little puffy creatures). It's crazy how much the boys love it. They will do anything to get to play on it. It's almost like kid dope. When I saw this at the Hallmark store, I had to buy it.

2. Blue

This blue M&M is one of the few remaining remnants of my Blue M&M collection. Why would such a beautiful, intelligent, creative, caring, attractive woman ever have a blue M&M collection you ask? Good question, here is the story:

Back in the 90's the M&M company decided to ditch the tan colored M&M for the new blue colored one. I was outraged. How could they? Now a bowl full of this beloved chocolate candy had lost some of its chocolate colored appeal. It made the candy look fake, like skittles or something. Blue IS NOT A CHOCOLATE COLOR.

It started with my family just taking the blue ones out of their bag and giving them to me as a joke, because I hated them so much. Then eventually it evolved into full blown figurines, blue M&M dispensers, stuffed toys, dishes, salt and pepper shakers, and so much more. I had over 300 pieces when I decided that I was sick and tired of dusting them and sold the whole set at a garage sale for $100. This ornament wasn't with the collection, it was in the Christmas box with my other ornaments, so it survived the sale.

3. The Sugar Plumb Fairy

I got her when I was 5 years old and my Aunt took me to the Ballet in Boise Idaho to see the Nutcracker. The story that she always tells of this special trip was how incredibly patient I was standing in line after the show to get our program autographed. I was a wonderful child (and so humble). I cannot remember a Christmas with out the sugar plumb fairy on my tree. She is very fragile, and has been glued back together several times. She is my most favorite, and treasured ornament.

So here you have it... our tree

There are many other ornaments. Some were glued together with pop sickle sticks with pre-school pictures in them. There are snowmen, bears, baby's first christmas ones, angels, an OSU beanie, a graduation girl with curly hair, a volleyball girl wearing #3, and many others. They are all treasured, and I look forward to getting them out, and going over each memory, every year.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Tree Hunters

I give you men of men, the two who sacrificed it all so that we could experience christmas joy, who braved the elements with only a saw as their weapon. I give you:
Christmas Tree Hunters

You can see that the smallest of the two is about to freeze his knees off. Good thing it didn't take long to find the PERFECT tree.

Watch out, naked picture below.

The hunters were victorious! Now we have the beautiful dead carcuss in our living room. Ahhh, I have since decorated it, but there is nothing like naked pictures on your blog.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Top 10 Christmas Movies

I read a top 10 list of Christmas Movies that was absolutely ridiculous! Who ever thought of Die Hard as a Christmas movie???

So I decided that the world should know what the actual top 10 Christmas Movies are... by the expert, me of course.

#10 National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
I didn't discover how great this movie is until I married Honey Bear. He and his sister quote this movie verbatim. I have a new found love for poor old Clark Griswald.

#9 The Santa Clause
I just love the scene when they are going to bed that first night at the North Pole in their new P.J's and Judy the elf brings them the perfect cup of Hot Cocoa

#8 Home Alone
This movie came out when I was a kid, and I still think it is Hilarious. Also, the Christmas message, movies, and images are iconic, and now a part of my Christmas past.

#7 The Polar Express
Honey Bear actually says that this is his favorite movie. He actually gets mad if the kids put it on with out letting him know, so he can watch it with them. All I have to say is: Tom Hanks for President.

#6 White Christmas
The best selling single of all time speaks for itself. Every time I watch it I am mesmorised with that gal's tapping abilities and I try to see if I can see her foot move during the "Choreography" scene. And of course there is the guys singing "Sisters"... love this one!

#5 How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Thanks to this movie I have never eaten Roast Beef, only Roast Beast. And Max is my all time favorite movie dog.

#4 Miracle on 34th Street
It is possible that I love this movie so much because the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade takes a key role in the beginning. I do think that he played the best Santa ever on the Silver Screen.

#3 The Muppet Christmas Carol
If you know where I can buy a CD of the sound track let me know! I LOVE IT!!!
Really, all I have to say about this movie is I want to get some, "cheeses for the meeses!"

#2 Its a Wonderful Life
Here is where I finally agree with the original top 10 list. Yes, this sure is #2!!!

#1 A Christmas Story
Here again the original list had it right. Thank you TBS, for always playing this one for 24 hours on Christmas. It just wouldn't be Christmas without the glow of electric sex from the front window, yellow eyes, soap poisoning, A +++++++, a pink bunny suite, 785 smelly hound dogs, and of course... a red rider beebe gun with a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time.

That's my top 10, what do you think? What's your top 10?

Thursday, December 3, 2009


The Snake would like to wish you, "Happy Thanksgi "b" ing!"

This is Honey Bear's favorite holiday... his favorite MEAL of the year. As soon as they are in season, we have a pumpkin pie in our fridge at all times. He alone eats about 2 pies a week.

We were at Granny and Pooh-pa's this year and it was a feast!

My favorite thanksgiving tradition is the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I watch it religiously every year. I love the Broadway numbers while we wait for the parade to reach the final destination wheather it's Herald square, or this year: Macy's store front. But my favorite part is the Radio City Rocketts. When I grow up I want to be one. If only my back was working... I can't even touch my left toe, let alone kick it in a chorus line. I'm going to have to work on that.
Honestly, I also get a kick out of everyone else groaning because I MAKE them watch it with me. he he
On my list of things I want to do before I .... is to actually be in the parade. I could volunteer to be on one of the balloon crews or something like that... we'll see, but I will be in that parade one day!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Redneck Move

Sorry, I have to do it. You can sing along if you want:
"Well, the first thing you know old Jed's a millionaire
The Kin folk said, 'Jed move away from there.'
They said, 'Californi is the place you otta beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.'
So they loaded up the truck
And they moved to Beverly"

The only thing missing from our move was Granny Clampet tied to the top of the truck in her Rock'n Chair. We were a sight!
Even with all the stress and drama that surrounded this move, we LOVE our new place! We will miss our old ward, and thank them so much for everything. Luckily the boys are still close to their school and the district is letting us transfer. The Brain found out that his buddy from school is Mormon. He went to Primary in our new ward and.... there he was! Also, all the kids in our new neighborhood congregate in our Caul 'de sac. So the kids have lots of friends to play with.
I will post some pictures of our new place soon. Still need to settle in.
To finish the song our new neighborhood does have a "swim'in pool" but no "movie stars."

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Snake's Adjustment

I have a herniated disc in my spine. So I've been seeing the Chiropractor regularly the past couple weeks. The Snake wanted to get the "pop-corn" out of his back and neck too.

The good news: The Snake is feeling much better
The bad news: a gazillion squats, a bazillion lunges, a ton of Vitamin C, a bunch of Omega 3 fatty oils, adjustments, heating pads, a massage table, and who knows what else I've tried... I'm still in pain. It's been 6 weeks of now and nothing helps. It is always worse after I've been sitting or laying down for a long time. Getting out of bed in the morning, and the morning trip to the Ladies room are now daily tortures. I'm not a whiner, but ooouuuchchchch :(

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Book of Mormon Challenge

The Brain turns 8 on February 5th. My baby is getting baptized (frownsmile). He is such an amazing reader it seemed fitting to challenge him to read the Book of Mormon before his baptism. Also, I am working on my personal progress and the value project for the new value Virtue is to read the Book of Mormon with your mom. Since I am a mom, and the Brain could benefit we have decided to read it together.
At 6 pages a day we will be done by February 5th. That isn't too bad, it only takes us 15-20 minutes to blow threw 6 pages together. Takes a little longer when there is discussion, but those nights are the best. I look forward to the bonding experience this will be.
Poor kid, I also want him to memorise the 4th article of faith. That's not too bad. My parents asked me, and it's not like I'm asking him to memorize all 13... (that challenge is to be completed before priesthood is received) -That's not church policy, just Mom policy ;)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fall Fun

It HAD to be done. One the way home from picking up Ben from school we walk past a park. There is an amazing tree that has been dropping leaves for a few weeks now. As the leaves have been accumulating we have been just walking by. Until we just couldn't take it anymore.
We pushed them all up into a GINORMOUS pile and....
You would have done it too.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Young Love

I just played a fun game. I opened up a scanned picture file with pictures that were not labeled, and clicked on a random picture to blog about. This one was the winner.

Who would have thought that these young pups would one day grow up to be Granny, and Pooh-Pa? Not them. I love the story of how they met:

Dad came in late to his institute class and was sitting in the back. Way up in the front of the class there was this new girl with beautiful red hair, who didn't turn around the whole class. All he saw for an hour was her bun, but he fell in love. He was pleasantly surprised after the class end to find that the front was just a beautiful as the back.

30 years later they are still in love. They are kind of back to where they started. No kids in the house, and Dad has a motorcycle. What goes around...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Quick Pumpkin Patch Catch Up

Ok, I have 15 minutes before I have something else I have to do ... to catch you up on our happenings.

School has started for Bug Gutz (me) and I have become a pro. at juggling priorities. Blogging is quite far down the list, and therefore is getting neglected.

But we went to the Pumpkin Patch for Family Home Evening, and you HAVE TO SEE the pictures.

Hay ride to get the pumpkins. My rule: you are only aloud to bring home a pumpkin that you can carry. Mom will not carry your pumpkin (I seriously had no intention of carrying 7 pumpkins)
Honey Bear and his "other" sweetheart. I try not to be jealous, but she is so cute.

The Que for the Corn Cannon. Needless to say... 3 boys will never forget.

Check out Mr. Finger's trigger finger. (it went really far)

Can you find the Snake in the Corn?
Ok, gotta run. It's chili cook off time, then I've got to finish my business proposal for my technical writing class... then get some sleep tonight.
Did I mention I frosted 120 cup-cakes today (with the help of a couple beehives) This is going to be an awesome Ward Party.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Son, how do I use my calculator?

Here we have a most amazing wild creature known as The Brain. He is found in his natural habitat also known as the homework table.

He is actually teaching himself a new language found in his mother's homework called: Algebra. This, he will soon adopt as his native tongue... as Brains do.

Brains are amazing creatures. When left wild and untamed, they will teach themselves how to graph


on a Calculator. But watch out, once they have the devise figured out... they want one for themselves, and those buggers are not cheap.

My advise to those of you who may stubble on "The Brain" in the wild is: keep your college homework out of arms reach or the animal might try to follow you home.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Just Your Every Day Heros


There's the bell... where's the fire? Quick, to the fire engine. The Brains of this operation gets the front seat.

The rest of the Volunteer crew... to the back.

Put Mr. Fingers on the hose... he'll put out the fire.

Now for a demonstration on proper fire escape safety.

Don't forget to give the rescue dog plenty of love and attention.

What a busy day for the deputy fire fighters. Naps for all when we get back to the station.
P.S. Only two big disappointments today.
1. The camera's batteries were dead during the cutest part of the day: Junior Fire Fighter challenge, in uniforms and hats and everything. You'll have to trust me that the boys were exceptionally cute, and effective at saving the stuffed puppies etc....
2. The last station of the day, where we had been expecting hot dogs was out by the time we got there. BUMMER!!!!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Crazy Hair Day

This morning during breakfast, The Brain was sporting a nice "fro" as his hair was just drying from his bath. Honey Bear thought it looked great but, I was hoping for a more put together look for my children. So we went to the bathroom to tame his locks.

While combing I remembered, "Oh no!!!! It's Crazy Hair/Hat day.... I almost forgot!"

Too late to leave the "fro" so we spiked it. Then Honey Bear suggested we comb down just one side. The Brain loved it. But, he started crying. "What's wrong?" I asked him.

"Last year on Pajama Day you forgot, and I was the only kid wearing regular clothes."

He had never said anything at the time. I guess it really scared him. Good thing I remembered the special school day this fall... even though we almost missed it. I've got some flakiness from last year to make up for, apparently.

Mr. Fingers was to wear a hat since he has not much hair. When Honey Bear suggested we shave him a mo-hawk, Mr. Fingers loved that idea. We didn't have much time at this point... but we quickly got out the shaver and went to work. Honey Bear was the barber, and for some reason it wasn't working. So he just shaved all of his hair off. Good thing Mr. Fingers can pull off that look.

It was cold, but that isn't why he was crying. He didn't want to go to school. He doesn't want to go to school every morning, and every morning he cries. When I ask him why, he tells me that school is boring. Then he comes home, and has always had a wonderful day and loves school again. He's driving me crazy. I don't know what to do with that one.

We brought his hat just in case, and he decided that he wanted to wear it. At this point he has seen other kids wearing crazy hats, and sporting crazy hair, and has almost decided that he likes school again. Go figure.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Fact: 800 steps from my front door to the neighborhood elementary school.

Fact: 1 am Kinder, plus 1 all day 2nd grader, equals 3 round trips to the neighborhood elementary school.

Fact: 4800 steps, or 42 minutes spent in my on foot commuting daily.

Fact: watch out, at step #680 there is dog dukie on the sidewalk... has been there for over week now.

The Snake is my ever faithful commuting buddy. Even though the stroller he rides in is cheap (and broken) he still looks forward to our numerous trips to the school on foot.

This is my token ugly mom sweater. I love it, but it embarrasses the children.... maybe I love it BECAUSE it embarrasses the children.

Here is some of the view that I enjoy.

Some moms feel like chauffeurs, driving kids around all day. No, I feel more like a pioneer. I just need a bonnet, an apron, and forget the stroller - I should just throw the Snake in a handcart.
This is what I do. I walk. Sometimes I sing while I do it:
"I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more..."
"Walk this way... da da da da da Walk this way" (I don't actually know that song, I just fake it.)
"Pioneer children sang as they walked, and walked, and walked, and walked."
"Walk tall your a daughter, a child of God."
"Walk like an Egyptian."
This is a fun game, I could keep going. If you think of any good "Walking" songs, post them below.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

White Belt No More

It was a dark and stormy afternoon. All of the students were nervous about the big day of belt advancement exhibition. None so nervous as the newest member of the Karate group.... Big Brother.

The crash of a thunder clap rattled the rafters as Big Bro. stood up in front of the sea of spectators. From somewhere deep inside, Big Brother found a reserve of strength and confidence that he didn't know he had. With an intense focus, he faced his Sensae, and preformed like he had never preformed before.

He punched

He kicked

He blocked

He counted in Japanese... and all were amazed by the prodigy Karate Kid that they were privileged to witness.

Then, with the crowed stunned, and amazed... Big Brother preformed the greatest feat of all. He approached a block of wood, resting calmly on top of two cinder blocks.

That poor block of wood. It did live a happy, and peaceful life as any piece of wood would. That is, until Big Brother came along.


Now, the block of wood is no more.

The belt that was once white, is white no more. Today is the dawn of a new era. Today is the day of.....


Lil Sis, you're too cute ;)

Congratulations Big Brother! We are all so proud of you.