Friday, May 29, 2009

Splish Splash, and we're not in the Bath

As you can see, safety goggles are a MUST when playing... no no no, WORKING at the back porch water table. The Snake was very focused on his work of sorting through, and sifting the water. Good thing the back porch is FULLY shaded 'cause that little white boy is right on his way to a scorch'n sunburn. No water fun day is complete for the Snake, with out his pink mermaid swim diapers. I think he is quite the cute little model for water fun apparel. What do you think?

The water table made our back porch a popular spot in the neighborhood today. The sun was blazing, and even though it was maybe 85 degrees outside it felt like it was closer to 100. We just don't usually get this kind of hot weather here in the Pacific North West, in May. Usually for us April showers bring more May showers.

When I brought out the bowl of cut veggies in water, (straight from the fridge) the kids gobbled them up. I don't think I've ever seen my kids so excited about vegetables before. But, anything cold, and wet, on a day like today is sure to be a hit.

Hurray for the water table, and hurray for cold veggies!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Big Brother

Poor Big Bro. was sick on his actual birthday so every one celebrated a week late. We "borrowed" him on Saturday morning before his big party and took him to the store to pick out his birthday present. We knew that he wanted a scooter and planned on getting him one, but Honey Bear wanted BB to pick it out for himself. He picked a good one! (it was on sale!!!) We took it to a park with a big hill and tested it out. It was Awesome! We then took him to his party where, I am told (Honey Bear and I weren't invited) that he scooted practically the whole time. The present was a hit.

Here is Lil Sis. testing her scooting skills. She's not to bad.

Here are Honey Bear and Lil Sis riding tandem.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Crack Cocaine for Babies

These programs are amazing in their simplicity, monotony, annoying high pitch xylophone playing, hypnotizing, mind numbing way. But apparently, that is exactly what the little developing mind needs. All three of my children have watched and loved these programs in their infancy and just tonight The Snake requested that we watch one. He is a toddler now but, the DVD had the same effect on him that it did when he was a baby. No sooner had I clicked play, did he drop into a zone like trance and didn't move a muscle until the show was over. And this it what it looked like, for 30 min. strait, he didn't move.

and for 30 min. there was peace.
and that is why the creators of these programs are the wealthiest people on the planet.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rock Star Labor Coach

Not the best angle picture wise... my arm looks as big as the baby. But, I am now officially, by blood, an Aunt.

My little sister had a baby early Monday evening. I got to assist her husband as a labor coach. It was such an amazing experience! She was such a trooper. Since I had done this a couple times before, she ate up all the advise I gave her (kinda made me feel like a rock star).

First piece of advise... when she was ready to have the baby she drank Castor Oil. It totally worked! She went into labor that night and had the baby the next day. Second piece of advise... to"Labored Down". That's when you hold off pushing as long as you can and let your Uterus do all the work, that way when you do start to push the baby comes right out. Good thing she did that! She had a BIG BABY! 9lbs. 11 oz. is a lot of baby. And a 14 inch head coming out of a 10 centimeter opening is a MIRACLE. Because she labored down, she only pushed for 30 min. and the cutie pie came right out.

He looks just like my Sister, with her nose and everything. She has no cartilage in her nose and can push it all the way into her head. They decided to wait 'till he is a little older to see if the baby can do the same thing. Birth is one thing, but the trauma of some big person pushing your nose into your face just might scar the kid for life.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hide and Seek

Where's The Snake? He is oh so sneeky, that one. Isn't it so cute that at this age they just don't get it. He thinks no one can see him.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Boys Will Be Boys

Boys + Dirt + Water = MUD!!!

We had a great family picnic today. It was such a beautiful day. I took some great pictures but, can't find the thingy that connects the camera to the computer (this one was taken on my phone)... Anyways, we went to throw rocks in the river (a popular boy past-time) but the river was too high. It didn't take long for the boys to discover that they could still get wet and have fun, even with out the rocks. It was soooo funny! The brain decided to run into the water and slipped in the mud right at the river's edge. BOOP! He went down! He had mud all over his backside.

A few moments later Fingers did the same thing. Then, I caught The Brain trying to clean himself off on his brother's shirt. (They had of course taken their shirts off, because they are boys, and it's a sunny day, of course).

The Snake was wearing rain boots and was literally SLOSHING with every step. It was so cute.

Ahh, what fun. What is it with boys, and rocks, and mud, and water, and taking off their shirts? This was taken a couple months ago when Big Brother, The Brain, and Fingers all decided they needed to bear their chests for the night like real men or something.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Mothers Day

This mothers day was spent at my mom's. Pooh-Paw got all of us mommies very pretty orchid's to wear to church and mine lasted though the opening song. The Snake was in his typical sabbath day spot (glued to my lap), and he just reached up and grabbed my beautiful corsage. It was munch, and it was done.

Latter, during Relief Society The Snake fell asleep. One problem, he started snoring. It was so loud that women were looking around to see what was making all the noise. He was so loud that I had to leave. Even in his sleep, The Snake can disrupt a meeting... sheesh

It was a lovely day. When I got home from my parents my wonderful Honey Bear had a beautiful bouquet waiting for me on the dinning room table, and a gorgeous fuchsia basket on the back porch. I love flowers! And I love Mother's Day!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Ten Commandments of Health

I was thinking about writing my own ten commandments for weight loss, then I found this and it is much better then anything that I could write. Enjoy these words of wisdom.

1. Thou shalt honor thy health and good spirits above all else.

2. Thou shalt not go on crash diets; therein lieth the way of madness.

3. Thou shalt not clean thy neighbor's plate.

4. Thou shalt not eat when thou art miserable, for food is not a medicine unto the soul.

5. Thou shalt eat not when thine eye lusteth, but when thy stomach requireth sustenance.

6. Thou shalt sup chiefly on the fruits of the earth, the grains and vegetables thereof; on the fowl of the air and the fish of the seven seas, whence donuts cometh not.

7. Thou shalt take exercise daily, for why else hast thou sinew and bone, legs and sneakers?

8. Thou shalt be patient but not forgetful.

9. Thou shalt take delight in every good friend and good song, in every good walk and good day, for to enjoy them more is why these commandments are given unto thee.

10. Thou shalt not knit thy brow if thou transgress a commandment, but forgive thyself, for it is written, nine out of ten is not bad.