Saturday, December 12, 2009


This is the story of three special ornaments on our tree:

1. The Club Penguin ornament

This is a new ornament that I splurged on (a whole $12). I found a new form of motivation this year to get The Brain and Mr. Fingers to do anything I want. "If you... (clean your room, sweep the entry way, do my taxes) then you can play on club penguin for 30 minutes." Club Penguin is an Internet site where you have this penguin, give it a name, it makes friends, and plays games, and earns points, so it can buy pet puffles (silly little puffy creatures). It's crazy how much the boys love it. They will do anything to get to play on it. It's almost like kid dope. When I saw this at the Hallmark store, I had to buy it.

2. Blue

This blue M&M is one of the few remaining remnants of my Blue M&M collection. Why would such a beautiful, intelligent, creative, caring, attractive woman ever have a blue M&M collection you ask? Good question, here is the story:

Back in the 90's the M&M company decided to ditch the tan colored M&M for the new blue colored one. I was outraged. How could they? Now a bowl full of this beloved chocolate candy had lost some of its chocolate colored appeal. It made the candy look fake, like skittles or something. Blue IS NOT A CHOCOLATE COLOR.

It started with my family just taking the blue ones out of their bag and giving them to me as a joke, because I hated them so much. Then eventually it evolved into full blown figurines, blue M&M dispensers, stuffed toys, dishes, salt and pepper shakers, and so much more. I had over 300 pieces when I decided that I was sick and tired of dusting them and sold the whole set at a garage sale for $100. This ornament wasn't with the collection, it was in the Christmas box with my other ornaments, so it survived the sale.

3. The Sugar Plumb Fairy

I got her when I was 5 years old and my Aunt took me to the Ballet in Boise Idaho to see the Nutcracker. The story that she always tells of this special trip was how incredibly patient I was standing in line after the show to get our program autographed. I was a wonderful child (and so humble). I cannot remember a Christmas with out the sugar plumb fairy on my tree. She is very fragile, and has been glued back together several times. She is my most favorite, and treasured ornament.

So here you have it... our tree

There are many other ornaments. Some were glued together with pop sickle sticks with pre-school pictures in them. There are snowmen, bears, baby's first christmas ones, angels, an OSU beanie, a graduation girl with curly hair, a volleyball girl wearing #3, and many others. They are all treasured, and I look forward to getting them out, and going over each memory, every year.

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