Saturday, October 31, 2009

Young Love

I just played a fun game. I opened up a scanned picture file with pictures that were not labeled, and clicked on a random picture to blog about. This one was the winner.

Who would have thought that these young pups would one day grow up to be Granny, and Pooh-Pa? Not them. I love the story of how they met:

Dad came in late to his institute class and was sitting in the back. Way up in the front of the class there was this new girl with beautiful red hair, who didn't turn around the whole class. All he saw for an hour was her bun, but he fell in love. He was pleasantly surprised after the class end to find that the front was just a beautiful as the back.

30 years later they are still in love. They are kind of back to where they started. No kids in the house, and Dad has a motorcycle. What goes around...

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