Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Top Ten Cereals

We are living

In a Cereal World

And I am a Cereal Girl.

I love cereal! I love it so much I believe that the world needs to know which ten are the best:

#10 Rice Crispies

This cereal made the top ten for the shear fact that it makes a cool crispy noise. It doesn't taste too bad, but you have to eat it fast because soggy Rice Crispies are no bueno.

#9 Cap'n Crunch Berries

It is true that they put microscopic shards of glass in those delicious little yellow bails of ... whatever. Still, I am willing to muscle through the roof of my mouth being cut up into bloody shreds in order for the undeniable amazing taste of these berrie'lishish treats. Come on folks, sacrifice your body for the cereal.

#8 Grape Nuts

These are good, and good for you. Only problem is you really gotta put in a supplement to enhance the taste. I usually go for slices of banana, or strawberries (see post below) if I've got them.

#7 Frosted Flakes

This is an old school Classic. Seriously, it was one of the first cereals ever made. Back in the days when the world was in black and white, and girls only wore skirts, this bad boy emerged on the scene. It is still a favorite, and quite delicious today. And, I gotta say it... They're GRRRRREAT!

#6 Lucky Charms

This is a sugar cereal treat. Not only is it great for breakfast, but it can work for a snack, or in a pinch... dessert. Yumm-Oh

#5 Honey Nut Cherrioes

I am not normally a fan of Honey. When I was a little girl I wanted to see what the fuss was all about, and why Winnie the Pooh loved it so much so I stuck a spoon full in my mouth. YUCK. I haven't liked the stuff since. The only exception is this cereal. It is excellent. And nutritious too.

#4 Froot Loops

Both my Daddy and I love these fruity o's. My children love them also. I even bought a toucan baby costume and each of my children have been Toucan Sam for their first Halloween. I am crazy about cereal.

#3 Kix

I ate this one like crazy when I was fresh outa High School and going to good old Ricks College. From the time I was 18 until about 20 years old, practically all I ate were Dole juice (orange strawberry banana), and Kix. Now that is sustenance.

#2 Blueberry Muffin Frosted Mini Wheats

If you've got a blueberry muffin in one hand, and frosted mini wheats in the other, I only have one thing to say: Put you hands together! This is truly a match made in Heaven. It is new to the Cereal scene so if you haven't already tried it... I highly recommend you do.

#1. Raisin Bran

Honestly, I am on a Raisin Bran kick right now. You get the "good for your pooper" benefits from the bran, plus the sugared up deliciousness from the raisins.... you can't go wrong. (just don't look at the nutrition facts.... the calorie count was more than I expected. It may have something to do with the fact that the raisins are covered with sugar).

P.S. Life cereal did not make the list even though I always have it in my cupboard. The kids love it, but I will only eat it if I HAVE too. When Life gets soggy it is GRRR-oss.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

How Berrie Much Like Mommy

When I was a little tike, toddling around and not even talking yet I did the cutest thing. Well, you know, I was the cutest little girl.... anyway. I would toddle into the Kitchen when Mom or Dad (grAnny and Pooh-Pa) were at the sink washing strawberries. I had this sense, like I just knew what they were doing and that there were berries that needed to be eaten.

I would stand there all wobbly at my parents feet and give two distinct tugs at their pants. They would look down to see two BIG BLUE eyes as wide as saucers (we're talking a puss in boots kind of moment) and a cute, chubby hand raised which in little BugGutz language translates to, "Can I has berry peeeze?"

Who could resist such cute'ness? Well, the story goes that they would give me one and turn back to washing the berries only to immediately get another tug on their pants and see my empty had raised again.

So today, we took the kids to a field to pick strawberries. Who is going to fill my shoes and be this generation's berry monger? Lets see. Here are the suspects:

Could it be The Brain? He does look an awful lot like a berry kind of guy. Just look at that reddish hair, and all those freckles.

Or maybe Mr. Fingers is dying to get his fingers on my berries. If it is him then it would only be natural that he and Lil Sis would be in on it together. Those two are joined at the hip.

Well look eee there. He's the one. The Snake was the one who when we got home sat at the table eating berries like there was no tomorrow. I think he could have easily put away two gallons of Strawberries and had a raging stomach ache by now. I had to cut him off after the third bowl.

Like Mommy, Like Son.

There are a lot less Strawberries at the Davis Family Farm thanks to this lot. We also scored some Honey Sticks and FREE STRAWBERRY SHORT CAKE!!! I love free stuff, especially when it's got berries in it.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Boredom Begins

This is what I call Red-Neck entertainment.

It's a little game called "Penny Can"

Except we don't have such things as coffee can's around here so we used an old pie tin.

You have to stand with your toes behind the line (as shown above) and toss pennys into the "can". One point for every penny that makes it in (and doesn't bounce back out). It took The Brain and Mr. Fingers a couple rounds to get any points.
I should mention that Honey Bear poo-poo'ed my game and wouldn't play... at first. I knew it was a matter of time before he wanted to get in on the action.
After the Brain had about 8 points Honey Bear says, "Give me some of those penny's"
As far as games go... this is one way to pass the time.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Don't Leave Me!

When Honey Bear and I got to the High School football field today for our work out the Snake was having a good time, until mom and step-dad took off running.

I guess I should have warned him we were going to run, but we weren't leaving him. After a couple times he started to understand what was going on.

Honey Bear is a great trainer. Now that I'm out of school for the summer it is time to get work on my healthy habits. They have fallen to the way side and about 10 unwelcome pounds have found their way back to my belly, hips, and thighs.

I was only able to make 6 100 yard sprints with 5 burpees at the end of each sprint. The goal was 10. Oh well, I'll get closer next time. An asthma flair up never helps. Breathing is kind of important. Did I mention that I am OUT OF SHAPE!

Honey Bear and I set some goals for the summer and took some before pictures today. This is the only one I'm sharing with the world. We have a SUPPER private blog to keep track of our progress. Sorry world, it is for our eyes only. I figured if I was going to journal about my summer fitness the best way to do it would be on the computer. But, it is for me and my accounting.

Yesterday's nutrition goal was to drink more water.
Did it.
Today's nutrition goal is no sugar.
Will do it.
Here's to Summer Sweat 2010!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

When you are falling off your bike...

Don't Land On Your Face!

Also, when there is only one wooden spoon with cookie dough on it, and two little boys...

Then it's time to share.
Spoon Lickers!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Whole Fam-Dam-Blee

This is all of us. From my parents: GrAnny and Pooh-Pa... to BugGutz (me), Ninners (my sister), and DaBoy (my brother)... and all of our families.

It was our first family reunion with my family. We stayed at an awesome cabin near Crater Lake. The kiddos had lots of fun with their imaginations and...


I'm telling you. Sticks are the greatest toys ever invented. They can be wands for a wizard, a sword for a knight... skies the limit.

But as Lil' Sis learned... you should never, never, NEVER leave your favorite stick (the one you are going to keep FOREVER) in the pile with the other sticks that are near the fire. The results are disastrous.

We went for a hike and discovered a beautiful waterfall. Every one else in our party came, saw, and left. But our little clan decided to stay a while. It didn't take long before all four of the little boys were in only their skivvies and we were all wet. And having a blast.

Hill we are.

Oh yea, and we saw Crater Lake. The visitor's center wasn't awesome, so the whole thing was... get out of the car and look, then back in the car and leave. As far as scenery goes, the view was not too bad.

There was a treasure hunt and guess who found the treasure chest? We don't call him Mr. Fingers for nothing. He knows where EVERYTHING is.
My brother told the kids some great bedtime stories. There was the classic tale of Darth Whosa-whas-it and the Three Wookies, and the three little pigs who's houses got blown away by Yoda using the Force on them.
I can't wait until the next family reunion.

Good food. Good times. Good family.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


After four months of hard work The Brain has officialy become....
A Wolf
He learned how to swim (and tread water which was his favorite thing), build things with tools, respect and hang our Nation's Flag, community service, to conserve energy by turning of lights when a room is left, to be responsible for a daily chore, and lots of other stuff.
Not mention, he learned how to:
Cook Outdoors in the Pacific Northwest

We all ate The Brains rainy day hot dogs. And no one died.

Good work Brain. Your mamma is proud. Now we get to spend the rest of the year earning arrow points and belt loops. That's right, I said WE! Who really does all the work? Who is going to earn 3 eagles within the next ten or so years? That's right baby... Yours truly. It is so fun though! I love it :)