Saturday, March 26, 2011


We were spring break'n it this week at Granny and Pooh-Pa's house with:


How fun is that?

8 little boys

All under the age of 9

All under one roof

Anyone else need an excedrin?

We've got connections that hooked us up with cheep cheep cheep day passes to the water park.

Report on the near drownings of the day:

I took one of my little nephews to the top of a water slide so we could ride down together. The attendant told me that we couldn't ride down together. He is a tough little guy who will be two years old in July. So I asked him if he wanted to go down by himself. His heart was racing, he was smiling, he was splashing, and he said, "Ya"... letting him go by himself might have been a poor judgment call on my part. Oh well, he lived.

I was watching another little nephew who is also soon to turn two in the kiddy pool. I think every mother has seen that look of panic on their child's face in the bathtub, or pool as they look up at you through a thin layer of water. It's a look of, "I don't understand. What's going on? I can't breathe." Our heart jumps up into our throats and we race to the rescue. He was fine... just needed a few Auntie snuggles to help him calm down.

Mr. Fingers surprised me. We were all in the deep part of the wave pool having a good time. Mr. Fingers was bobbing up and down with the rest of us but I noticed he wasn't smiling. I asked him if he was doing alright and he said no. So I snatched him up and put him on my other hip (The snake was already occupying one). I told him that if he is having a hard time he should let someone know so they can help him. He said, "I couldn't ask for help... I was too busy trying to stay alive."

Despite our few close calls, a good time was had by all. Lets just say that when we got back to Granny and Pooh-Pa's house all 8 boys were tuckered out.

It really was a blast!
The next day we were off to the Hands on Children's Museum for a little song, a little dance....

... a little water down our pants.

We put all 8 boys in their black New Zealand t-shirts that Granny and Pooh-Pa brought back from their trip. This way we could keep track of them. One woman asked me if the boys in the black shirts were all related. I told her they were all cousins and she complimented them on being such good kids. -Always nice for a mom/aunt to hear.

-The Snake at Dr. Brain's office getting a check up.

And this is one of the cutest little boys ever! I think he looks just like one of the Whos down in Whoville... with his long eyelashes, big saucers for eyes, and dimples in both cheeks. If only he wasn't so attached to momma and would let his Aunties play with him more

-sigh... one day.

Oh the joy of Wagner's bakery in down town Olympia.... chocolate eclair.... heaven.

Every night the Snake and his cousin HAD to take a bath in Granny big tub with the jets.

No, that is not a turd floating in the tub... it's a toy otter... but it looks just like a turd. I think it's gross, but it is one of those "granny's tub essentials"

Thank you to Granny and Pooh-Pa for letting us invade their house, and for showing us such a great time!!!!

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  1. We had a great time playing with you guys. Too bad it's the last time for a long old while. I love reading your blog.