Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cub Scout Day Camp Part Deux

This is the second of the two days I went to day camp this year. I know, I know... what a slacker mom for not going all week.... but I also put in a full week @ work so cut me some slack.

I went on Monday and Thursday.

The Snake loves the "Tot Lot"!!! It's where the little guys play while their mommies and daddies help run the camp. I love this picture. He's glowing and looks like an Angel.

One of the stations we went to today was titled "Food" First thing we did was paint marshmallows with tinted vanilla pudding... so cute. But the big hit was this:

An air plane made out of a smarty, two life savers, and a stick of gum. Fingers (the air plane freak) said that he will NEVER EVER eat it, because he wants to play with it forever. -But I don't think those exposed life savers are going to work out on a forever kind of timeline.

One of the big Highlights of camp is always BB guns. Boys and Firearms... I'm a girl, and I just don't get it. Also being a girl I'm genetically disadvantaged and can not possibly make appropriate shooting noises with only my mouth. That's a scientific fact about girls you know.




The Brain is actually quite the Marks Man. He got two! Count 'em! Two bulls 'eyes. That earns him a belt loop. Way to go Brain!

Here we are waiting for the Horses to take of for our wagon ride.

Brothers love each other.

The horses had to go really fast in order to make it up the hill. Needless to say... the boys liked going fast!

I found The Snake at a balloon station. Except he had some bad luck and all of his balloons popped.

I'll title this picture:


Here we are driving home after a LONG, FUN day. I'll title this one:


I may have made a big mistake. I volunteered to organize everything for our troop for next years camp. I just signed myself up to a few months of meetings... including district round tables, a mess of paperwork, and begging and pleading parents and leaders to help.

.... I think I'm going to regret this later.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oh the....

Mommys/Leaders up at Day Camp
They say are mighty fine
They boss like Adolf Hitler
And look like Frankenstein

Oh Gee... I'll never live through Day Camp
Gee Mom I wanna...

Stay HERE!!!

Oh the....
Rockets up at Day Camp
They say are mighty fine
You start with all your fingers
And end with only nine

Oh Gee I'll never live through Day Camp!

Gee Mom, I wanna stay HERE!!!

Oh the...
Crafts up at Day Camp
They say are mighty fine
But Mr. Fingers thinks he's Vango

And won't leave when it's time
Oh Gee, I'll never live through Day Camp!
Gee Mom, i wanna stay HERE!!!

Well the archery up at Day Camp
They say is mighty fine

We can earn a badge for this one
So now it's time to shine

Oh Gee, we love it here at Day Camp
Gee Mom I wanna go

But they won't let me go
Gee Mom, I wanna go

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Snack Attack!

OK. This is: The. Cuttest. Snack. Ever!

Here is Mr. Fingers with his creation. He did all the heads, while I stuffed the bodies.

(in case you couldn't tell)

Two Olives: one for the head, the other for the body.
Body stuffed with whipped cream cheese.
One slice of carrot with a wedge cut out. The wedge is the nose, the rest is the feet.

One Lone Soldier

We decided it looked like a penguin army and the only way to defend ourselves was to eat the enemy. Good thing those little guys tasted really good!

We also made these this week. This snack has single handedly ruined my diet.
It is salty/sweet heaven! We call them:

Pretzel Kiss 'EMs

The kids helped make these too.

-Place mini pretzels on foil lined backing sheet.
-Place a Hershey's kiss on top of each pretzel.
-Put in the oven at around 200 degrees for only a few short minutes.
-Quickly place M&M's on the Kisses, smushing their wonderful soft chocolateness into the pretzel.
-Store in the fridge to keep cool.

Then don't tell the kids when they are ready so you can eat them all.
That's what I did.

Ok... not really.
But after I tried one for the first time I seriously thought about it.

Camp Grannie and Pooh-Pa

While I was at Girls Camp, the boys were at Grannie and Pooh-Pa camp. This is one of the best kinds of camps there is. Here are some of the camp activities:

1. At this camp you get to play XBox with Lego Batman, Lego Harry Potter, and Castle Crashers until your thumbs fall off.

2. Snake cakes and bacon for breakfast every morning.

3. Visiting Pooh-Pa's office and walking across the street for a Baskin Robins treats.

4. Playing with cousins.

5. Trip to the beach (where it was cold and wet... not the first image that comes to mind when you see the word beach)

6. You get to eat at all the finest restaurants:

Cafe McDonalds
The Dairy Queen Lounge
Le King of the Burger

7. Day trips to the Hands On Children's Museum.

and so much more.

But the best part was the weekend at Camp Grannie and Pooh-Pa when I arrived, cause I got to have a
WITH MY MOMMY AND MY SISSY... (and maybe The Snake came along too)

take a look at how cute my toes are!

... and I got a manicure, which after 5 days of playing in the dirt at Girls camp... I NEEDED!

Included in Spa Day was the mani/pedi, AND mom's special recipe for avocado mud masks, almond facial scrub, with papaya finishing mask! Not to mention a seriously long soak in the jetted tub...


Who does this kid belong to?

We were visiting my parent's ward for church last Sunday. When I went to pick up The Snake from Primary/Sunday School I was surprised to see an old friend from High School was his teacher. He was happy to see me. He said that they couldn't figure out who The Snake was visiting. When they asked him he said:

The Snake: "My grandma and grandpa"

Teacher: "What is your grandma's name?"

The Snake: "Grannie"

Teacher: "What is your granpa's name?"

The Snake: "Pooh-Pa"

They gave up trying to figure out who he belonged to. Even though that is their names you know.

Girls Camp

And the....

Rain Rain Rain came
Down Down Down
In rushing rising rents
'Till the river rushed out of it's bed
And rushed right into our tents.

So the Sunshine Girls came to save the day with their Pocket Full of Sunshine Skit

They gotta pocket, gotta pocket full of sunshine...

and only asked me if they could go home about ten times a piece.

Camping is miserable when you are wet, your tent is wet, your sleeping bag is wet, and your stuff is wet.

One site had to dig a trench to divert the standing water out of their site.

We will always remember... and talk for years to come about the year that it rained.

But we did press forward.
And with our glow in that dark beads on our shoe laces we did:

Walk In The Light.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Something Is Missing

... around here.

These books are usually being read. Those legos on the top shelf are NEVER put away like this. That television is usually playing a movie or Wii game...

This is where you would normally find The Brain.

And where are The Snake and Mr. Fingers?

They have been at their Dad's house for a week... and won't come home 'till the day after tomorrow. And then next week they are going to be at my parents house while I am at girls camp.

I sure do miss those boys. In fact I just finished crying all of my mascara off 'cause I miss them so much.

Ever been home sick while you were still at home?

Ya, me neither.... (sniff, sniff)

I need more tissue.