Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Book of Mormon Challenge

The Brain turns 8 on February 5th. My baby is getting baptized (frownsmile). He is such an amazing reader it seemed fitting to challenge him to read the Book of Mormon before his baptism. Also, I am working on my personal progress and the value project for the new value Virtue is to read the Book of Mormon with your mom. Since I am a mom, and the Brain could benefit we have decided to read it together.
At 6 pages a day we will be done by February 5th. That isn't too bad, it only takes us 15-20 minutes to blow threw 6 pages together. Takes a little longer when there is discussion, but those nights are the best. I look forward to the bonding experience this will be.
Poor kid, I also want him to memorise the 4th article of faith. That's not too bad. My parents asked me, and it's not like I'm asking him to memorize all 13... (that challenge is to be completed before priesthood is received) -That's not church policy, just Mom policy ;)

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