Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Babies

You know what I like?


My babies!!!!

They are all growing up so fast.

Here are some little reminders of what my babies were like.

My Babies Don't Like: Getting washed

(Mr. Fingers... weeks old)

My Babies Don't like: Pictures with Santa

(the Brain's first Christmas)

My Babies Don't like: To keep their food in their stomach. Ever.

(the Brain a few weeks old)

My Babies DO like: Petting Zoos

(the Brain 19 months)

My Babies DO like: Bow ties

(the Brain 6 months)

My Babies DO like: Horse'ys

(the Snake 18 months)

and they may never admit it but...

My Babies DO like: Barney

(the Brain 6-9 months)


(the Snake 2 years)

My Babies DO like: brothers

(the Brain 2 years, Mr. Fingers a few weeks)

My Babies Do like: Mommy

(Mr. Fingers 9 months)

The End.

(Mr. Long Bottom... I mean... Mr. Fingers 9 months)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Awesome Sauce

I worked with a 96 year old woman this week. Her records say she is hard of hearing... but that's putting it mildly... the woman's deaf.

So when she told me to make her a salad for lunch I chose to bring her the dressings so she could point to one instead of yelling at her 50 times, "WHAT DRESSING DO YOU WANT?"

When I brought the dressings she said, "Oh no honey... that's all crap" (remember she is 96... that was funny) "I want you to make my dressing."

So she gave me directions on how to make what she wanted and I set off to work.

Equal parts Mayo and Honey Mustard dressing. Add some pickle juice, then sprinkle sugar on it.

Whip it all together.

Now for a little back story. There is a restaurant in Washington that my family LOVES. One of the main reasons why we LOVE this restaurant is because of the top secret, ridiculously awesome salad dressing. We know the owner and have offered all kind of bribes to get this recipe, but to no avail.

Back to my story:

After I made the dressing I thought: This looks just like Carl's dressing from Bonsi Wok.


That old lady I work for is right. All other salad dressings in the world are crap. And now that I know the secret I'm sharing it with you.

I must love you.

Very much.

P.S. I made a peach pie.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Did I let The Snake go to the Library Dressed as Batman?

Yes. Yes I did.
(technically this is Mr. Fingers, but The Snake was the one who wore the batsuite out in public)
Many people said hello to Batman.
My favorite though, was when a little kid would tug on Mom's pant leg and say, "He mom look! It's Batman!"

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Fact: I am not crafty. Just ask my mom (who is crafty)

But... These melted crayon projects have been all over the Internet. And I happened to already have some plain canvases in my garage. And a bucket FULL of crayons that never get used. And a glue gun. And a blow dryer. So.... why not?

I made this one for my living room.

And this one is in the Boy's room.

I can't stand having a project spread out over my house that takes weeks to finish.

The best part about this craft is that start to finish it takes like ten minutes. Now that's MY KIND OF CRAFT.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cool Pool

Whats located right here in Albany Oregon???

Has an awesome waterside????

A current pool??

And lots of fun water stuffs???


No really, that's what it's called.

I didn't make it up.

It was our first time to go to this awesome local attraction. The boys had free passes that they earned from participating in the Library's summer reading program. And I only had to pay $2 to go as an "observer".

I spent most of my time "observing" The Snake. He probably would have been fine if I just found a nice lounge chair and read a book, but we had never been here before and I played the role of "helicopter mom"... I has a hovering maniac.

As you can see the Cool Pool was a big hit.

And the Snake LOVED the water slide. A nice lifeguard would catch him at the bottom and he would come racing down that thing with a smile a mile wide.

Here he is swimming to the ladder after his "wicked awesome" ride. -His words, not mine.

That whole thing was just my boy's speed. Just the right depths, just the right attractions, just the right amount of wet fun.

We will probably go back but next time... I'm going to do my research and figure out a day when the Boys and Girls club is NOT going to be there. I'm telling you... this lady yelled: "All Boys and Girls club members out of the pool. We're leaving." After the mass exodus we had the whole pool to ourselves. It was nice.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Beach Boys

When I was a little girl I LOVED to listen to the Beach Boys... just say'n...

... anyways

We went to


and guess what??? The sun was shinning. I know. A Miracle. Usually a day at the beach in Oregon involves a sweat shirt and rain. But this trip was all sunblock and swim suites... what is this? CA or something??

First stop was Ripley's Believe it or Not. No pictures because it was dark (no flash) and scary. The place was better than a candy shop for the Brain. Lots of plaques with interesting/weird facts. He was in Heaven.

Then we went to the OSU Marine Science center. Here is the Snake looking at some fish.

We love the Marine Science Center for two reasons:

1. Its free (don't worry... I left the suggested family donation... I'm not that cheep).


2. Ursala the octopus.

Here are the boys pestering poor Ursala.

And here is proof that the sun shines on the Oregon coast. When your lucky.

That water is still cold enough to freeze your knees.

Run away Snake! That little wave is going to GET YOUUUUUUU!

Mr. Fingers showed the ocean whose that man. He was the one who stayed in the longest. The rest of us would run in and out to avoid frost bitten toes. Fingers must have toes of steel.

There was a little spot of standing water that was wormed by the sun and after being in the ocean we called this little spot the "Hot Tub." We would run out to the ocean: "AAAHHH!!!! COLD!!!!" Then run to the standing water: "Ahhhh.... hot tub :)"

Enough water. Time to build a sand castle. No wait. Too much work.

Lets just bury The Brain. Good idea.

After four whole hours at the beach we were on our way home. Arctic Circle corn dogs and ice-cream in our bellies, smiles on our faces, and eye lids that were too heavy for three of us to keep open.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I would like to thank all the little people who....

Thank you so much Disco Lemonade for the Butterfly Award!!! What an honor. I'm game:

Name your favorite color - hard one... I like them all. Guess I'll go with blue in any variety

Name your favorite song - There is no possible way to choose only one. Ok.... today, its: Everything I Do, I Do it For You by Bryan Adams (cause I'm feeling lovey dovey)

Name your favorite dessert - Turtle Cheesecake

What wizzes you off - When someone chews with their mouth open... gum smacking will drive me nuts every time!!

When you’re upset you - Cry or ignore you (this was Disco Lemonade's answer and it absolutely fits for me... just ask Honey Bear)

Your favorite pet - Currently have no pet... except for maybe the garder snake that lives in the back with the big yellow stripe that we named Bumblebee (after the transformer, not the insect)

Black or white - White wins by a one percent margine

Your biggest fear - Failure

Best feature - My eyes???

Everyday attitude - Playful

What is perfection - God, and my roses

Guilty pleasure - The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad.... Those shows are terrible I know, but I love them!

Here are the 10 fabulous blogs I am awarding

8. Blue Babes Creates (who I think should NOT move to Utah because I did not get enough time to hang out and spend time with her!!!! Emily, you have more personality in your little finger than anyone else has in their entire body. I love ya! And I'm going to miss 'ya!!)

10. And last but NOT!!! least: KISH KUMEN'S ADVENTURES dad's not yelling... he just likes CAPS LOCK!!!!!

Here's what you have to do if you would like to play along and award a few of your favorite blogs

Link to the person who awarded you
Answer the questions above
Award 10 other bloggers the Butterfly Award

Hope you all like your award!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Berry Long/Fun Day

To Do:

1. Go to Corvallis to pick up paycheck.

2. Deposit check

3. Stop at Blue Berry Meadows and pick some berries in super cute little buckets and wait impatiently for them to be bagged, and for mom to pay, so we can eat our berries.

4. Eat the berries!

5. Go to LaFayette Elementary for free lunch for kids.

6. Have lunch recess.

8. Wait impatiently for Granny to show up.

9. Have so much fun with Granny that you forget to take any pictures.

10. Go to McDonalds for a fancy dinner with Granny which included ice-cream and lots of playing at the play place.

11. Bathe the boys.

12. Check e-mails.

13. Pass out on Mommy's lap.

14. Blog post.

15. Take the Snake to bed because I can't move.