Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Quiz

I did one of these for our Christmas letter one year and I'm thinking of making it a tradition. So.... which member of the Hill/Snider Family are you most like?

1. When you wake in the morning you:
a) Pull the covers over your head and go back to sleep.
b) Jump out of bed and sing good morning songs.
c) Walk around in a daze and stare at stuff.
d) Are grumpy
e) Start begging for breakfast right away.
f) Need Daddy cuddles.
g) Need Mommy cuddles.

2. Your favorite show is:
a) Biggest Looser
b) Ghost Hunters
c) Star Wars Clone Wars
d) Cheaper By The Dozen
e) Transformers
f) Scooby Doo
g) Dora/Diego

3. You would rather be:
a) Walking your favorite trail
b) Taking a Bubble Bath
c) Playing on Club Penguin
d) Reading
e) Making airplanes out of Lego's
f) Playing with your favorite Step-Brother
g) watching Dora/Diego

4. The shoes you wear most these days are:
a) Athletic Shoes
b) Boots with a soft warm lining
c) Used to be white, but now are a kind of dirt shade.
d) Black and White Vans
e) Have Spiderman on them
f) Are brown and pink
g) Have Ninja Turtles on them

5. One word to describe you:
a) Caring
b) Responsible
c) Social
d) Intelligent
e) Loving
f) Spirited
g) Sweet

6. You want this for Christmas:
a) Cargo Khaki Pants
b) Pajamas
c) Yugio Cards
d) Harry Potter 2nd book: Chamber of Secrets
e) Mini Cons (transformers)
f) a Pony
g) a Whoopie Cushion

7. Your Philosophy on Life:
a) Health is in Mind, Body, and Spirit
b) I can do hard things
c) Take your time, there's no rush
d) If you don't know, read about it and find out
e) If your kind to others, they will be kind to you
d) Always smile
g) You can do it, nothing to it (just need a RESCUE PACK)

If you answered mostly A's then you are most like Honey Bear. You care a lot about other people. When things aren't right it bugs you. You like to exercise and eat healthy food.

If you answered mostly B's then you are like Bug. You are a responsible hard worker. Sometimes you put others before yourself. You like to be challenged and succeed.

If you answered mostly C's than you are like Big Brother. It takes you a while to get going, and sometimes it's hard to focus on what you are doing when there are distractions. You are popular and well liked, and your peers enjoy your company.

If you answered mostly D's then you are like The Brain. You enjoy reading more than just about anything. You love to learn new things. You don't have to be with other people to have a good time. A book is all you need.

If you answered mostly E's then you are like Mr. Fingers. You are very social and well liked by all your peers. You are loving and caring. You also are bright, and enjoy creating your own toys out of found objects.

If you answered mostly F's then you are like Lil Sis. You are too cute, and your smile will get you just abut anything you want. You love playing with your friends and family.

If you answered mostly G's then you are like The Snake. You are little Mr. Personality. You can go from bliss to "the stink eye" quicker than lickity split. When you grow up you are going to marry Dora the Explorer.

We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

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