Saturday, October 3, 2009

Just Your Every Day Heros


There's the bell... where's the fire? Quick, to the fire engine. The Brains of this operation gets the front seat.

The rest of the Volunteer crew... to the back.

Put Mr. Fingers on the hose... he'll put out the fire.

Now for a demonstration on proper fire escape safety.

Don't forget to give the rescue dog plenty of love and attention.

What a busy day for the deputy fire fighters. Naps for all when we get back to the station.
P.S. Only two big disappointments today.
1. The camera's batteries were dead during the cutest part of the day: Junior Fire Fighter challenge, in uniforms and hats and everything. You'll have to trust me that the boys were exceptionally cute, and effective at saving the stuffed puppies etc....
2. The last station of the day, where we had been expecting hot dogs was out by the time we got there. BUMMER!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Those were some CUTE pics! I was saw that we could not go to that due to soccer games.