Friday, October 14, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Happiness is:

Going down a really fast slide.

Happiness is:

Climbing to the top of a really big slide.

Because what goes up...

must come down.

Happiness is getting lost in a "dark maze" with only your glow stick to guide you.

Notice The Brain has climbed to the top.

Now, look closely at the sign.

That. Is. A. Pumpkin.

Slides outside... Slides inside... you know what???

We love this place.

This is a "Wheat Box" instead of the standard sand box.

The boys spent the good part of an hour playing in there.

Just goes to show you are never too old to enjoy playing in the "sand/wheat"

Hay ride.


That was enough rural fun for the day.
Time to get our pumpkins and go home.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Get Comfy

Cause I've got a lot of pictures for 'ya...

Mommy has been very busy the past two weeks studying Nursing.

The kids have been very busy playing with mommie's stuff.

And with the rain.

Because what else do you do on a warm rainy October day in Oregon?

In case you don't know boys... umbrellas are ACTUALLY swords. Just a little FYI. Boys know these things and us girls are out of the loop. Plus that's my thumb in the picture... classic.

More wicked awesome wet sword fun.

One person did not get wet. AND - Did not share his umbrella.

We also went to the WAY fun Fire Station Open House. We went a couple year ago too. Click here to read and compare how much the boys have grown in the past two years.

You want to know the REAL reason I take the boys to this event?

Free hot dogs.
I'm a sucker for free food.

Riding in the Fire Engine

The Brain won paper rock scissors and got to ride "shot gun".

Now, I ask you.... isn't that the most handsome fire fighter ever?

The boy's favorite part was playing with the fire hoses.

I like to call this next series of pictures:


Had to get a close up of this face.

We also have been spending a lot of time on Wheels.
-Inline Wheels

I call this picture, "Three Legged Wheel'n"
Ooops, The Brain fell down
... it happens to the best of us Brain.

Now this Mr. Fingers fellow happens to love his roller blades most of all. In fact, he asks me EVERYDAY after school if he can ride them. EVERYDAY!

The Brain enjoys his... but he isn't as obsessed as Mr. Fingers

The Snake is the least "wheel'y" of the bunch. He prefers the slide.

This does not look safe.

phew... he made it.

Time to take a break.

That's a lot of work.

Boys sweat A LOT! Cause fowl smells, and little thing I call: Helmet Head
... and that's what we've been up to.