Sunday, August 29, 2010


On any given day, if you were to "pants" the Snake... there would be about a 90% chance you would see more of the Snake than expected.

That's right, the boy prefers to go commando.

We got into a little scuffle about it. He is capable of dressing himself, so of course I let him. Butt, he is always missing that one crucial piece of his ensemble.

I don't know if it's that he's lazy and that's one less step in the getting dressed process... or if he just doesn't like the feel of wearing them. He is three. So this could just be a phase.

I tried to explain to him why he should wear underwear.... because of course he SHOULD,

butt, I couldn't come up with a good reason why he should wear underwear.

What do you think? Please let me know. First of all... SHOULD we wear underwear? If so why?

Help! Post your what you think!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Keeping Up With Your Big Brothers

Is sure to wear a little snake out... (it's 5:00 in the afternoon)

It was a busy day for the Snake. First of all he's been up since 0' dark thirty. Then when I was making a cake (because I wanted to eat some cake) he wanted to know who's birthday it was today. (I guess I only make cake when it's someone's birthday...) So I told him it was Dora The Explorer's birthday. He lit up! He ran to his room and grabbed his Dora doll! I asked him how old Dora was today, and he said 6. Each of the kids put a candle in Dora's cake, we sang the birthday song, and we all blew out her candles. It was fun to pretend Dora's B-day... not bad for a spur of the moment mommie idea.

We also went to the pool today and swam for a long time.... after dinner I walked in to see the snake like this. Poor tired Snake...


Happy Birthday Dora

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer Algebra Lesson


+ b

= c

The a + b part was a lot of work. Honey Bear and I used a couple buckets and made lots of trips from the driveway to the sand box. It only took an hour though..... I originaly was thinking it would take us the whole day.
Poor kids. We've been talking about, and planning for this sand box all summer. They've only got a couple weeks to actually play in it before school starts. Although, I know a little Snake that will continue to enjoy it long after his big brothers go back to school.
While playing in their brand, spank'n, new sand box the the boys heard a song. Not just any song, but the song of summer. The one that makes a kid's heart lurch, the adrenaline flows, and one very urgent thought comes to their minds: how much money is in my piggy bank, and can I grab it fast enough to catch the ice cream man?
Luckily, Grandpa from OK was just here and gave each of the kids a wad of cash. So it was a mad dash to their underwear drawers... while mom sprinted to catch the ice cream man.

Good news... we all made it in time.

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Moment In Time

In case you were wondering what is going on at my house,

right now,

at 7:30,

on a Monday night.... here is a little glimps.

The Brain is reading The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe. He also has ice on the back of his legs for his heat rash.

Mr. Stickey Fingers is coloring in a Harry Potter coloring book.

The Snake is hidding behind the Wild Watermelon shampoo.

And I am having a super snack. Chicken, string cheese, and ice water with a slice of lemon.

Honey Bear has gone to bed... he was tired.
And that is all.
This moment in time was brought to you by:

Monday, August 2, 2010

Last Day Of Scout Camp (day 5)

Also, this is the last scout camp post. I promise :)

Honey Bear came today. We had him all excited to do archery, and BB guns, and an obstacle course... but the stations were crowded with kids so no adults got to participate.

Then we had a chore that took all of 10 of the 60 minutes allotted.

Honey Bear got bored real fast.

He was looking forward to the BBQ at the end of the day though

Only to be disappointed that the only thing served was boiled hot dogs which he said do not earn the distinction of the sacred name: BBQ

Long story short: this was Honey Bear's first and last ever day as a Cub-Scout camp volunteer.

Here is The Snake talking to his best buddy on his Dorito Phone.

And here are my monkeys about to sing: "Gee Mom, I wanna stay here"

My response: "No kid... we gotta go home"
And shower, and wash clothes, and clean the house, and wash my dust covered car, and