Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bath Time Cousins

I found this picture in my phone and it is too cute not to share.

I think it is one of those unspoken rules that you have to take a bath with your cousin. My boys sure love their cousins, and are loved back by them. Infact the one pictured above gets so excited when we come to visit and there are little people around his same size that the boys get mauled when we walk through the door.
In case I've never mentioned it I sure do love my sister. She is my best friend. I never thought we would have a relationship like this when we were sharing a room and fighting over hair ties. But she is the one I call when I've just watched a good movie, or read a good book and have to tell someone. We love each other's kids and love to tell each other, and hear stories about our daily follies with them. I only wish that I lived closer to her, and could see her family more often.

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