Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Quarantine.. and something else.

Since we had all the kids the last couple of days and The Snake had a cold, I kept him in our room at night sleeping on the floor. Guess what??? He was sleeping on my side of the bed and I'm sick now too. So we kicked Honey Bear out last night, and set up camp in my room. We had the humidifier going, we were vapor rubbed, had our night time sneezing, coughing, stuffy head, fever, aching, so you can rest, medicine... and of course our essential night time companions.

The Snake is not a very good bed mate. It is hard to tell a kid to shut it and go back to sleep when they are singing in their sweet little 3 year old voice, "I am a Child of God." He then proceeded to talk to his stuffed friends. I looked at the clock and it was 3:30 a.m. I have new found appreciation for Mr. Fingers complaints about The Snake keeping him up at night.

Also, I think The Brain has been spending too much time STUDYING - that's right, not reading, STUDYING! his Calvin and Hobbes comic books. This morning Mr. Fingers came to me and asked for fifty cents. I said, "What do you want, a pop?" ... that's how much one cost back in my day. "No" he said, "I need it so I can buy some insurance from The Brain."

Well, that sounded interesting. So I gave him the quarters, and he came back and showed me his receipt.

That isn't what bothers me most. Yesterday, I had the boys sit down at the table and said, "School is starting next week and your teacher may ask you to draw a self portrait. So we are going to practice."
I was a little concerned when The Brain finished and showed me his...


  1. Oh man, if The Brain is drawing pictures of Calvin, you are in trouble my friend.....I speak from experience of having just such a boy....

  2. I love this picture of The Snake. It looks like Ming-Ming is whispering a secret in his ear... Doesn't he look so snuggley??!!!