Saturday, September 5, 2009

Summer Eulogy

A reverent silence falls over those attending Summer's funeral service, as Bug approaches the podium.

It is hard not to morn the loss of our dear friend... summer 2009. So, instead of tears of sadness, we are shedding tears of joy, as we remember the good times we shared.

There was the wonderful trip we took the the Osborn Aquatic Center. I can still feel the burn in my leg muscles from having to climb the stairs to the water slide over, and over, and over again, as The Little Snake would cheerfully exclaim "AGAIN," when we would finally splash into the pool. Summer, by this time our friendship had grown to the point that we didn't even need - sniff, sniff - to put sunblock on anymore; thanks to our nicely browned skin. For that, we thank you.

Your delicious treats, dear summer, though quickly eaten/slurped, will not quickly be forgotten. You even taught us how to share... so that everyone could partake of your Hawaiian Shaved goodness.

And every day at noon, we would walk the single block's length, down to the elementary school for our free lunch. Because a Bug refuses to pay for something she can get for free. Then we would gather on the back porch and eat Popsicles to our hearts delight.

Thank you summer, for the beautiful days at the park (a single tear drop falls onto the podium). For allowing scene and scenarios, where our imagination could take us to so many interesting, playful, and beautiful places.

Time spent with summer wouldn't be complete, with out a couple trips to our favorite swimming hole.

Even with out the kids, Summer provided exciting adventures.
Like, riding on an Elephant at Mary's Peak.

How we look forward to the day when we will once again be reunited. When we can splash, and climb, and slurp, all in your warm summer's sun.
Oh Summer, how you will be missed!!! But now is not a time for such sadness. We are looking on to new horizons, with back packs, newly sharpened pencils, brand new sneakers, and smart new hair cuts, we march on... into the next phase of our life... Fall.

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