Saturday, August 29, 2009

Nightly Business Report

Sales in Lemonade and Baked goods were down toady. A disappointing turn in the market; where there were such high hopes in the few weeks preceding the launch of this new business venture. When founder and President of the fledgling company was asked about the reason for such an unprofitable day Bug said:

"Location was our primary fault today. All of the Garage Sales where set up just around the corner, so we missed all the foot traffic. As the day progressed, we also faced some staffing issues. My sales associates got bored and crabby. That is never good for business."

This is a good example that no matter how wonderful, or delicious, your product is... with out good marketing, location, timing, and customer service, you will never see a profit.

Don't let that smile fool you. This picture was taken at the begining of the day. After a couple hours of just doing this... I had a cranky Brain on my hands.

Now what do I do with the left over inventory? I've got some really lucky neighbors.

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