Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Mean Kid

I'm sorry, but this is a GREAT story!

Friday was Mr. Fingers kindergarten interview (that's when the teacher does a little skills assessment and Mr. Fingers gets to see his classroom). She let us find his desk and we looked at the name of the kid he would be sitting next to.

"Oh, look... you sit next to insert kid's name," I said.

To which Mr. Fingers replied, "I don't like insert kid's name. He's mean."

Well, I was a little embarrassed at this point that my kid was passing judgments on someone he hadn't even met yet, in front of his new teacher. "You don't know insert kid's name yet, I'm sure he is a nice kid," I quickly assured.

On the way home Mr. Fingers told me that insert kids name was in his pre-school class and that he was always hitting, pushing, and yelling at all the kids. I let him know that we live in a very large town, and it most likely is a different kid with that name.

First day of school rolled around and I sat down Mr. Fingers at his desk and gave him a hug before I left. As I was leaving insert kid's name sat down and his dad said something that made my jaw drop.

"OK, insert kid's name. You're going to be nice this year and not mean, right?"

Turns out it was the same kid! His parting word to his son totally confirmed poor Mr. Finger's story. What a laugh!!! Hopefully insert kid's name won't be a mean kid this year :)

Here he is, the Big Kindergartner:

It was so cute when they all lined up, waiting to go to their classes for the first time. The all looked absolutely petrified.

Finally, every one's in school. Staggering the first days makes a first day of school picture difficult, but I still got one.

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