Thursday, June 4, 2009

Up Hill, Both Ways

In case you don't recognize me, I'm the one in the slip/princess twirly dress. Also pictured are my Dad and his Mom.

I was thinking about my dad recently and noticed that there are a lot of little quirks in my vocabulary that I got from him. I also repeat to my children, many of his sayings from when I was growing up. He teaches the Gospel Doctrine class in his ward, and I have heard him quote his dad a lot and since Dad follows my blog, I thought he would get a kick out of knowing some of his sayings that I also say (not all of these are sayings, some are just quirky things):

"The Proof's in the Pudd'n"
"There's no such thing as a free lunch"
"A flower is a Rose, all the others are weeds"
Birthday cake = lemon cake with chocolate icing
cake is always eaten in a bowl of milk
Water = "cloud squeez'ns"
Orange juice = "citric children of Israel" (orange Jews)
All Slurpee's, icey's, slushies, etc are = squishies
"Who's piggies?" (a call to clear your spot at the table)
"lets pay a sayer" (say a prayer)
"Tuna Noodle Cass-a-roodle" = tuna casserole
the great hero of the Book Of Mormon is = Teancum, "da da da da... our hero"
When reading scripture these two terms are ALWAYS pronounced in Spanish: Iniquity = inkidades, and Lamanites = lamaneetas
Peru is the oneliest and ownliest true mission
When waking someone in the morning we sing "Rise and shout, the (insert name) are out, they're out to win for fame and glory"
And when ever you are off to clean your room the mission impossible theme is always sung.

My Dad is the happiest person, and I respect him more then anyone else I have ever known. So I'm proud to do and say some of the things he does, and if anyone were to say that i am like my dad... that would be the greatest compliments I could receive.

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