Friday, May 29, 2009

Splish Splash, and we're not in the Bath

As you can see, safety goggles are a MUST when playing... no no no, WORKING at the back porch water table. The Snake was very focused on his work of sorting through, and sifting the water. Good thing the back porch is FULLY shaded 'cause that little white boy is right on his way to a scorch'n sunburn. No water fun day is complete for the Snake, with out his pink mermaid swim diapers. I think he is quite the cute little model for water fun apparel. What do you think?

The water table made our back porch a popular spot in the neighborhood today. The sun was blazing, and even though it was maybe 85 degrees outside it felt like it was closer to 100. We just don't usually get this kind of hot weather here in the Pacific North West, in May. Usually for us April showers bring more May showers.

When I brought out the bowl of cut veggies in water, (straight from the fridge) the kids gobbled them up. I don't think I've ever seen my kids so excited about vegetables before. But, anything cold, and wet, on a day like today is sure to be a hit.

Hurray for the water table, and hurray for cold veggies!

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