Wednesday, June 24, 2009

TV update


I told Ryan that the TV was broken. His blood started pumping and he said, "nnnuuhh-uh." He went over to it, and turned it right on.

Seems that I wasn't holding the power button down long enough. Whoops

We did have fun at the library yesterday. We hung out for almost 2 hours. At one point The Brain asked if he could go over to the Nonfiction section by himself. I told him he could and after some time he returned with his carefully chosen books. Each weight at least 5 lbs, and he found a nice chair and dug right into one, right away. He isn't called the brain for nothin.

That reminds me...

Last week when I was "home alone," I picked up a couple of selections for myself at the Library. One of which was a collection of funny little mom things titled, "Secrets From Otherwise Perfect Moms."

I walked into the living room to find that The Brain had found said book, and was pouring over it trying to find out these mysteries of momhood. Remembering that some of the entries might not be appropriate for children I apprehensively asked, "What are you learning about?"

And he read (in his innocent little 7 year old voice), "I can tell you when my second born was conceived, because it was the only day that whole month that we had...." The book was snatch before the sentence was finished and I said, "your done with this," while I put it on top of the book shelf. So much for mommy secrets.... second OOps!!

Here is The Snake taking your picture. Say cheese!!!

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