Wednesday, June 17, 2009

... until you've walked 10 miles in her shoes.

On Monday I took my trusting husband out into the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness. We spent the whole day on the trail, and it was beautiful! We hiked 5 miles down to Marion Lake, then 5 miles back up to the car. I told Honey Bear we would have an adventure, and we sure did.

If you look really hard you can see a deer. We were wondering how many critters saw us, and we didn't know about it. There was one really big bird that we startled, and it startled us. I think my scream is still echoing off the mountain.

Uh, oh... the bridge was down. I told him we would have an adventure. Good news, we made it over and back the broken bridge.
When we got to the lake, Honey Bear stripped down to his skivvies and did some tanning. I got a picture of it, and it is currently taking all my self control not to post it... he looked ridiculous :) you'll never guess what happened, he got a nasty sunburn. Have you ever seen "A River Runs Through It?" with Brad Pitt?? There is a scene where this drunk couple, falls asleep naked in the woods and practically burn off both their backsides. This kinda reminded me of that scene, and made me laugh.

I was worried that we wouldn't make it back up before nightfall, but we did. It was such a nice hike, such a nice day.
P.S. I'm smart enough to keep my shirt, and the rest of my clothes on when I hike. Even if there are no people around... that's lots of flesh for the Mosquitoes to feast on. Poor Honey Bear is burnt, and itchy :(
but still cute :)

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  1. You guys look great together!! I added a link to your blog on my blog. Tell my little brother hello for me. Maybe someday we can all meet.