Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summer Nightmare

No more teachers, no more books... that's right, you guessed it... SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER!
Now, I ask you - What would be the most terrible thing you could imagine that would ruin your summer if you were a kid? I know the answer, and this is the nightmarish reality of my children's eminent summer vacation:
That's right, the TV is busted. We can't even watch DVD's on it right now. I'm not in a hurry to get it fixed, or replaced, so we are going to have to get creative with our summer entertainment. When I was a kid. I remember endless amounts of time in front of the TV during the summer. I even remember being so lazy that I would lay on my back on the floor right in front of the it, and change the channels with my toes. We didn't have a remote, and we only had like 10 channels (can you imagine) -gasp. Still, I managed to waste many, many, summer hours in my vegetative state. Sadly, my children will not be experiencing this same lovely, lazy summer activity.
On top of that, I have informed them that when they proclaim that they are board, I will be resolving such circumstances with chores.
Ok, lets see how the summer goes. Hold your breath. I'm holding mine.... I'll keep you posted. :)

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  1. We never had a TV when I was growing up, and now I love it! Good luck with finding entertaining things to do. I am sure you will all live!