Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Slaves

Hello. My name is Bug Gutz, and I am a "give me that, just let me do it" cleaner. Yes, am that mom who cleans my kids rooms for them while they are at school. I fold and put away all of their laundry. I do all of this because I am too lazy and impatient to let them do it.

Until nights like tonight when I SNAP.

"I'm tired of doing everything around here. You guys are going to do some chores tonight. Mr. Fingers, you get the bathroom."

"The Snake, lets find something you can handle."

"And The Brain, it's about time I taught you how to use a vacuum."

My house is clean. I'm exhausted. That was twice as much work as if I had just done it myself... and took twice as long.... with three times as much whining.
But the family that works together...
wants to kill each other?
-no, that's not it.
still, can't think of how to end that phrase.
I'm sure it's something nice.

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