Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cub Scout Day Camp Part Deux

This is the second of the two days I went to day camp this year. I know, I know... what a slacker mom for not going all week.... but I also put in a full week @ work so cut me some slack.

I went on Monday and Thursday.

The Snake loves the "Tot Lot"!!! It's where the little guys play while their mommies and daddies help run the camp. I love this picture. He's glowing and looks like an Angel.

One of the stations we went to today was titled "Food" First thing we did was paint marshmallows with tinted vanilla pudding... so cute. But the big hit was this:

An air plane made out of a smarty, two life savers, and a stick of gum. Fingers (the air plane freak) said that he will NEVER EVER eat it, because he wants to play with it forever. -But I don't think those exposed life savers are going to work out on a forever kind of timeline.

One of the big Highlights of camp is always BB guns. Boys and Firearms... I'm a girl, and I just don't get it. Also being a girl I'm genetically disadvantaged and can not possibly make appropriate shooting noises with only my mouth. That's a scientific fact about girls you know.




The Brain is actually quite the Marks Man. He got two! Count 'em! Two bulls 'eyes. That earns him a belt loop. Way to go Brain!

Here we are waiting for the Horses to take of for our wagon ride.

Brothers love each other.

The horses had to go really fast in order to make it up the hill. Needless to say... the boys liked going fast!

I found The Snake at a balloon station. Except he had some bad luck and all of his balloons popped.

I'll title this picture:


Here we are driving home after a LONG, FUN day. I'll title this one:


I may have made a big mistake. I volunteered to organize everything for our troop for next years camp. I just signed myself up to a few months of meetings... including district round tables, a mess of paperwork, and begging and pleading parents and leaders to help.

.... I think I'm going to regret this later.

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