Thursday, July 21, 2011

Girls Camp

And the....

Rain Rain Rain came
Down Down Down
In rushing rising rents
'Till the river rushed out of it's bed
And rushed right into our tents.

So the Sunshine Girls came to save the day with their Pocket Full of Sunshine Skit

They gotta pocket, gotta pocket full of sunshine...

and only asked me if they could go home about ten times a piece.

Camping is miserable when you are wet, your tent is wet, your sleeping bag is wet, and your stuff is wet.

One site had to dig a trench to divert the standing water out of their site.

We will always remember... and talk for years to come about the year that it rained.

But we did press forward.
And with our glow in that dark beads on our shoe laces we did:

Walk In The Light.

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