Thursday, July 21, 2011

Camp Grannie and Pooh-Pa

While I was at Girls Camp, the boys were at Grannie and Pooh-Pa camp. This is one of the best kinds of camps there is. Here are some of the camp activities:

1. At this camp you get to play XBox with Lego Batman, Lego Harry Potter, and Castle Crashers until your thumbs fall off.

2. Snake cakes and bacon for breakfast every morning.

3. Visiting Pooh-Pa's office and walking across the street for a Baskin Robins treats.

4. Playing with cousins.

5. Trip to the beach (where it was cold and wet... not the first image that comes to mind when you see the word beach)

6. You get to eat at all the finest restaurants:

Cafe McDonalds
The Dairy Queen Lounge
Le King of the Burger

7. Day trips to the Hands On Children's Museum.

and so much more.

But the best part was the weekend at Camp Grannie and Pooh-Pa when I arrived, cause I got to have a
WITH MY MOMMY AND MY SISSY... (and maybe The Snake came along too)

take a look at how cute my toes are!

... and I got a manicure, which after 5 days of playing in the dirt at Girls camp... I NEEDED!

Included in Spa Day was the mani/pedi, AND mom's special recipe for avocado mud masks, almond facial scrub, with papaya finishing mask! Not to mention a seriously long soak in the jetted tub...


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