Monday, August 8, 2011

Berry Long/Fun Day

To Do:

1. Go to Corvallis to pick up paycheck.

2. Deposit check

3. Stop at Blue Berry Meadows and pick some berries in super cute little buckets and wait impatiently for them to be bagged, and for mom to pay, so we can eat our berries.

4. Eat the berries!

5. Go to LaFayette Elementary for free lunch for kids.

6. Have lunch recess.

8. Wait impatiently for Granny to show up.

9. Have so much fun with Granny that you forget to take any pictures.

10. Go to McDonalds for a fancy dinner with Granny which included ice-cream and lots of playing at the play place.

11. Bathe the boys.

12. Check e-mails.

13. Pass out on Mommy's lap.

14. Blog post.

15. Take the Snake to bed because I can't move.

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  1. How are you????

    I awarded your blog the Butterfly award over at my blog. Check it out here