Tuesday, June 1, 2010


After four months of hard work The Brain has officialy become....
A Wolf
He learned how to swim (and tread water which was his favorite thing), build things with tools, respect and hang our Nation's Flag, community service, to conserve energy by turning of lights when a room is left, to be responsible for a daily chore, and lots of other stuff.
Not mention, he learned how to:
Cook Outdoors in the Pacific Northwest

We all ate The Brains rainy day hot dogs. And no one died.

Good work Brain. Your mamma is proud. Now we get to spend the rest of the year earning arrow points and belt loops. That's right, I said WE! Who really does all the work? Who is going to earn 3 eagles within the next ten or so years? That's right baby... Yours truly. It is so fun though! I love it :)

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