Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Whole Fam-Dam-Blee

This is all of us. From my parents: GrAnny and Pooh-Pa... to BugGutz (me), Ninners (my sister), and DaBoy (my brother)... and all of our families.

It was our first family reunion with my family. We stayed at an awesome cabin near Crater Lake. The kiddos had lots of fun with their imaginations and...


I'm telling you. Sticks are the greatest toys ever invented. They can be wands for a wizard, a sword for a knight... skies the limit.

But as Lil' Sis learned... you should never, never, NEVER leave your favorite stick (the one you are going to keep FOREVER) in the pile with the other sticks that are near the fire. The results are disastrous.

We went for a hike and discovered a beautiful waterfall. Every one else in our party came, saw, and left. But our little clan decided to stay a while. It didn't take long before all four of the little boys were in only their skivvies and we were all wet. And having a blast.

Hill we are.

Oh yea, and we saw Crater Lake. The visitor's center wasn't awesome, so the whole thing was... get out of the car and look, then back in the car and leave. As far as scenery goes, the view was not too bad.

There was a treasure hunt and guess who found the treasure chest? We don't call him Mr. Fingers for nothing. He knows where EVERYTHING is.
My brother told the kids some great bedtime stories. There was the classic tale of Darth Whosa-whas-it and the Three Wookies, and the three little pigs who's houses got blown away by Yoda using the Force on them.
I can't wait until the next family reunion.

Good food. Good times. Good family.

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