Saturday, June 26, 2010

How Berrie Much Like Mommy

When I was a little tike, toddling around and not even talking yet I did the cutest thing. Well, you know, I was the cutest little girl.... anyway. I would toddle into the Kitchen when Mom or Dad (grAnny and Pooh-Pa) were at the sink washing strawberries. I had this sense, like I just knew what they were doing and that there were berries that needed to be eaten.

I would stand there all wobbly at my parents feet and give two distinct tugs at their pants. They would look down to see two BIG BLUE eyes as wide as saucers (we're talking a puss in boots kind of moment) and a cute, chubby hand raised which in little BugGutz language translates to, "Can I has berry peeeze?"

Who could resist such cute'ness? Well, the story goes that they would give me one and turn back to washing the berries only to immediately get another tug on their pants and see my empty had raised again.

So today, we took the kids to a field to pick strawberries. Who is going to fill my shoes and be this generation's berry monger? Lets see. Here are the suspects:

Could it be The Brain? He does look an awful lot like a berry kind of guy. Just look at that reddish hair, and all those freckles.

Or maybe Mr. Fingers is dying to get his fingers on my berries. If it is him then it would only be natural that he and Lil Sis would be in on it together. Those two are joined at the hip.

Well look eee there. He's the one. The Snake was the one who when we got home sat at the table eating berries like there was no tomorrow. I think he could have easily put away two gallons of Strawberries and had a raging stomach ache by now. I had to cut him off after the third bowl.

Like Mommy, Like Son.

There are a lot less Strawberries at the Davis Family Farm thanks to this lot. We also scored some Honey Sticks and FREE STRAWBERRY SHORT CAKE!!! I love free stuff, especially when it's got berries in it.

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