Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This just about sums it up.

You know, a girl sometimes need to get on the phone to a company to get some information. But when that information is regarding her husband and she is denied access to such information... it can make her mad. Then she is directed to the web-site where she is denied access because she can't remember her mother-in-law's maiden name. So she tries to call said mother-in-law and her phone is busy.
Look at the checks people! Who pays the bills around here? Who is the boss? Who, when she asks for information, should be given said information?
End of story. I'm so mad right now I'm paralyzed. I should be preparing dinner for my children but I can't seem to move. The only thing I could think to do about it was vent on my blog....
... sorry

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  1. Can he sign a release saying its ok to discuss things with you?