Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rock Star Labor Coach

Not the best angle picture wise... my arm looks as big as the baby. But, I am now officially, by blood, an Aunt.

My little sister had a baby early Monday evening. I got to assist her husband as a labor coach. It was such an amazing experience! She was such a trooper. Since I had done this a couple times before, she ate up all the advise I gave her (kinda made me feel like a rock star).

First piece of advise... when she was ready to have the baby she drank Castor Oil. It totally worked! She went into labor that night and had the baby the next day. Second piece of advise... to"Labored Down". That's when you hold off pushing as long as you can and let your Uterus do all the work, that way when you do start to push the baby comes right out. Good thing she did that! She had a BIG BABY! 9lbs. 11 oz. is a lot of baby. And a 14 inch head coming out of a 10 centimeter opening is a MIRACLE. Because she labored down, she only pushed for 30 min. and the cutie pie came right out.

He looks just like my Sister, with her nose and everything. She has no cartilage in her nose and can push it all the way into her head. They decided to wait 'till he is a little older to see if the baby can do the same thing. Birth is one thing, but the trauma of some big person pushing your nose into your face just might scar the kid for life.

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