Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Mothers Day

This mothers day was spent at my mom's. Pooh-Paw got all of us mommies very pretty orchid's to wear to church and mine lasted though the opening song. The Snake was in his typical sabbath day spot (glued to my lap), and he just reached up and grabbed my beautiful corsage. It was munch, and it was done.

Latter, during Relief Society The Snake fell asleep. One problem, he started snoring. It was so loud that women were looking around to see what was making all the noise. He was so loud that I had to leave. Even in his sleep, The Snake can disrupt a meeting... sheesh

It was a lovely day. When I got home from my parents my wonderful Honey Bear had a beautiful bouquet waiting for me on the dinning room table, and a gorgeous fuchsia basket on the back porch. I love flowers! And I love Mother's Day!

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