Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Big Brother

Poor Big Bro. was sick on his actual birthday so every one celebrated a week late. We "borrowed" him on Saturday morning before his big party and took him to the store to pick out his birthday present. We knew that he wanted a scooter and planned on getting him one, but Honey Bear wanted BB to pick it out for himself. He picked a good one! (it was on sale!!!) We took it to a park with a big hill and tested it out. It was Awesome! We then took him to his party where, I am told (Honey Bear and I weren't invited) that he scooted practically the whole time. The present was a hit.

Here is Lil Sis. testing her scooting skills. She's not to bad.

Here are Honey Bear and Lil Sis riding tandem.

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