Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Babies

You know what I like?


My babies!!!!

They are all growing up so fast.

Here are some little reminders of what my babies were like.

My Babies Don't Like: Getting washed

(Mr. Fingers... weeks old)

My Babies Don't like: Pictures with Santa

(the Brain's first Christmas)

My Babies Don't like: To keep their food in their stomach. Ever.

(the Brain a few weeks old)

My Babies DO like: Petting Zoos

(the Brain 19 months)

My Babies DO like: Bow ties

(the Brain 6 months)

My Babies DO like: Horse'ys

(the Snake 18 months)

and they may never admit it but...

My Babies DO like: Barney

(the Brain 6-9 months)


(the Snake 2 years)

My Babies DO like: brothers

(the Brain 2 years, Mr. Fingers a few weeks)

My Babies Do like: Mommy

(Mr. Fingers 9 months)

The End.

(Mr. Long Bottom... I mean... Mr. Fingers 9 months)

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