Thursday, August 11, 2011

Beach Boys

When I was a little girl I LOVED to listen to the Beach Boys... just say'n...

... anyways

We went to


and guess what??? The sun was shinning. I know. A Miracle. Usually a day at the beach in Oregon involves a sweat shirt and rain. But this trip was all sunblock and swim suites... what is this? CA or something??

First stop was Ripley's Believe it or Not. No pictures because it was dark (no flash) and scary. The place was better than a candy shop for the Brain. Lots of plaques with interesting/weird facts. He was in Heaven.

Then we went to the OSU Marine Science center. Here is the Snake looking at some fish.

We love the Marine Science Center for two reasons:

1. Its free (don't worry... I left the suggested family donation... I'm not that cheep).


2. Ursala the octopus.

Here are the boys pestering poor Ursala.

And here is proof that the sun shines on the Oregon coast. When your lucky.

That water is still cold enough to freeze your knees.

Run away Snake! That little wave is going to GET YOUUUUUUU!

Mr. Fingers showed the ocean whose that man. He was the one who stayed in the longest. The rest of us would run in and out to avoid frost bitten toes. Fingers must have toes of steel.

There was a little spot of standing water that was wormed by the sun and after being in the ocean we called this little spot the "Hot Tub." We would run out to the ocean: "AAAHHH!!!! COLD!!!!" Then run to the standing water: "Ahhhh.... hot tub :)"

Enough water. Time to build a sand castle. No wait. Too much work.

Lets just bury The Brain. Good idea.

After four whole hours at the beach we were on our way home. Arctic Circle corn dogs and ice-cream in our bellies, smiles on our faces, and eye lids that were too heavy for three of us to keep open.

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