Thursday, July 29, 2010

Scout Camp Day 4 ... i think

Ya, it's day four... i was right.

kinda run'n on fumes here.

But the boys are still having the time of their life!!!

We started the morning with Blow Darts (Mr. Finger's favorite)

This afternoon they got to do the Zip Line.

The Snake's group of little ones was at the same food station as us this afternoon and I got to snap a picture of him in action.

He made a spider cookie.
They gave us bags today for the boys to take home all their stuff in. Oh, my goodness... I've never been so excited to see a plastic bag in my life! They had a lot of crap... I mean stuff... to take home today. (I think I'm going to hide my children's blow darts.... in the trash can)
One more day... and it doesn't start until 11:00 so that means....

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