Monday, August 2, 2010

Last Day Of Scout Camp (day 5)

Also, this is the last scout camp post. I promise :)

Honey Bear came today. We had him all excited to do archery, and BB guns, and an obstacle course... but the stations were crowded with kids so no adults got to participate.

Then we had a chore that took all of 10 of the 60 minutes allotted.

Honey Bear got bored real fast.

He was looking forward to the BBQ at the end of the day though

Only to be disappointed that the only thing served was boiled hot dogs which he said do not earn the distinction of the sacred name: BBQ

Long story short: this was Honey Bear's first and last ever day as a Cub-Scout camp volunteer.

Here is The Snake talking to his best buddy on his Dorito Phone.

And here are my monkeys about to sing: "Gee Mom, I wanna stay here"

My response: "No kid... we gotta go home"
And shower, and wash clothes, and clean the house, and wash my dust covered car, and

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