Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Scout Camp Day Three

Today we did our skit.

I narrated while the boys acted out the story: "Caps For Sale" ... it is a beloved classic. One boy was the Peddler while the rest were the Monkeys in the tree of course. They did an excellent job. I would have a picture for you, but I was in it. I had asked my friend (another leader) to take pictures... which she did... but I forgot that she turned off her Internet today and can't e-mail them to me :(

I did snatch a picture of Mr. Finger's Trigger finger. (he got a bull's-eye) Also, the Brain rocked the BB range with two bull's-eyes for himself.

Those guys were both sharp shooters... especially since neither of them had ever handled fire-arms before.

They also had a blast on the "Monkey Bridge" ... our group isn't called the Monkeys for noth'n.

The Brain is moving so fast on this thing that he blurred the picture. Go Dash Go!

Also of note today: The Snake captivated the reporter for our local newspaper so much that the story that was supposed to be about the cub-scout camp is now about my son... the three year old. I wasn't there, but I was told that the little charmer was so animated and engaging that the reported wanted to do a story just about him. I'm kind of proud, and kind of embarrassed... I hope there is also a story about the camp....
I'll be keeping a close eye on the paper for then next few days looking for my boy.

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