Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Scout Camp Day 2

I figured out the secret:

Be creative during down times. We played games, and sang songs, and SCREAMED our cheer every chance we got today. Guess what happened??? The boys had fun and were happy. I had fun and was happy. And no one got into any trouble today.

There is something magic about the fact that busy boys stay out of trouble.

Here is my mighty Tiger Scout Mr. Stickey Fingers about to hit the paper on the target for the FIRST TIME YYYYAAAAAYYYYY!!!!

And here we got to actually do that experiment you see all over youtube: We dropped some mentos into a 2 liter of Diet Coke. Wow! Coke geyser!

Not to mention we got to pet Nero (a for real, live, alligator). He was actually really cute.... I thought.

So much fun today. Although I'm taking Kirsten seriously about her massage offer. I am willing to drive down to Eugene on Saturday..... hehehe
Did I mention that all three of my sons are at camp. Only The Brain is a fur reals cub-scout. I registered Mr. Stickey Fingers as a Tiger Scout so he can come to camp too. Then The Snake gets to spend the week in the Tot Lot.
We all four slept like rocks last night. And probably will tonight.

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