Wednesday, April 29, 2009

what does your master bedroom say about you?

I have tried and tried to get my computer out of my bedroom. I just can't talk myself into the hundred bucks that it will cost to install a phone jack in the living room. So here I am. This is where I sleep, blog, facebook, check my e-mail, do my homework, take care of YW secretarial duties, and watch my favorite shows: Lost, and The Office (we don't have TV)... among other unmentionable things like getting dressed. Oops, I mentioned it.

The problem is that this is where I spend A LOT of time and it feels like a den. Definition of Den: a small cavernous hole that sucks you in, once in... you can not escape- that's a direct Websters quote.

One day I'll get the computer out into the family room, and then I won't feel so guilty for spending so much time on it.

So, for now: here's to The Den.

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