Saturday, April 18, 2009

Commando To Orlando

This may have been the only time I get to take the boys to Disney World so we did EVERYTHING! Needless to say we spent every ounce of energy we had to get through the week. I am just now... weeks later... feeling like my old self again. That vacation really wiped me out!

Three kids and one adult on an Airplane is not a very good idea. But thanks to a little from the Dramamine they were all knocked out for most of the trip. Problem: Fingers slept through a Pee Pee urge and wet himself. Luckily there wasn't room in our checked luggage for some of the kids pants so The Brain had some in his backpack. The bad part was there was no underwear with us so... Fingers went: COMMANDO TO ORLANDO.

We had so much fun, and did so much stuff, I'm going to give you a quick run down of the best and worsts from each day:

Friday, Universal Studios Day: Worst=waiting in line with Pooh-Paw for the Hulk ride for 3 hours. Best=The Snake met Barney and sang through his whole show... it was sweet.

Saturday, Typhoon Lagoon Day: Worst=the park closes at 5:00 and they had to kick us out 'cause we were having so much fun! Best= the wave pool... The Brain like the sensation of drowning and couldn't get enough of the waves. I stayed with in arms length of that daredevil while in the pool. -I am a big swimmer and have spent most of my summers in swimming pools. Never in my life have I seen a Lifeguard jump in the water to save someone, or even get wet at all... until this trip. And it was to save my son. It happened three times. Twice in the pool at my Parents Hotel, and once in ours. It is a miracle that kid is still alive.

Sunday, Epcot Day: Worst=OOOPs, the place where we went to dinner was a Princess dinner... see slide show below. Best=the Nemo ride. The Snake loved it sooooo much we just rode it again and again... Then grAnny took him back a couple days later and he did it again.

Monday, Animal Kingdom Day: Worst=Getting up at the crack of Dawn to get into the park while the animals were out so we could see them (but bonus, we saw hippos, giraffe's, lions, wilderbeasts, rhinos, elephants and more) Best=Expedition Everest. My new favorite roller coaster. The Brain loved it too and we got to be experts on how to work the "fast-pass" system and the "rider ticket" deal and we rode it three times. Also, the Nemo live show was awesome... and digging for Dino bones in the humongous sand pit was loved by all. Animal Kingdom rocks!

Tuesday, Magic Kingdom Day: Worst=grAnny lost her room key/park key/fast pass ticket thingy 2 times within 2 hours (it was kinda funny watching her get so mad). Best=Breakfast with Pooh. We talked that breakfast up for a month before the trip, and no one was let down. It was very special and magical. I was touch to tears and I hope The Snake will remember a little of it... see slide show below.

Wed, Disney Studios Day: Worst=The Tower of Terror scared Fingers and he had nightmares that night. Best=Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground. Big blades of grass, big ants and spiders, slides and more... the kids pretended they were bugs and played for hours.

Thursday we flew home. We were up at 4:30 that morning and I had to go through security with three kids, four pairs of shoes, four carry on backpacks, my id/tickets in hand/ and a 2 year old laying on the floor screaming. I was so tired and stressed from the experience that i wanted to lay down and cry too.

Old Walt was a good man, and we had a lot of fun out there in Florida. Now as they say, I need a vacation to recoup from my vacation.

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  1. We went last year for Sabrina's 5th Birthday and stayed 10 days - it looks like you guys had a great time! Typhoon Lagoon was a HUGE favorite of ours too.. and Expedition Everest is the BEST roller coaster - It is my favorite too :)