Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Long Tongue Club

Last night at dinner I decided to take charge of the conversation. Being the only adult at the table I felt it my duty to be responsible for the the dinner dialog. So, the five kids and I had a wonderful meal, and while eating, we decided to create the Long Tongue Club.

First we went around the table and each kid had to prove worthy for membership by sticking their tongue all the way down to their chin. Luckily, all six of us were eligible. Then, we decided on club names. The Brain is the President. I am the Queen. The Snake said he wanted to be the Pokemon. Lil Sis is the dinosaur. Big Brother is the General of our military troops. And Fingers is Transformers Master.

We then recited the Tongue Club Oath. Before we could do that though, we had to decide what the oath would be. My admissions were all apparently too complicated so we decided on: (this is said with your tong out) "I pledge allegiance to the Long Tong Club" (then the tongue is sucked back into your mouth).

Our first order of business was to plan something nice for our tongues. All of us said that our tongues like candy, so we decided that the Long Tongue Club should have an annual Halloween party. Next meeting: discuss fundraising ideas for our party.

Next on the agenda was to do our tongue exercises. We stuck out our tongues and practiced curling and un-curling them.

Finally we closed with the Long Tongue Club song: "We put our tongues in, We put our tongues out, We put our tongues in, And we shake them all about. We do the Hocky Pocky and we turn our tongues about. That's what, it's all about" (raspberry blow)

And that is what happens when I am responsible for the dinner conversation.

P.S. We are also planning on making T-shirts for all club members. In the club color, pink of course. :)-

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