Sunday, June 26, 2011

Secret Agents... Poolside

These are the members of the C.I.A. Child's Intelligence Agency.

Ever since their special training academy has been out on summer break, these special agents have been toiling tirelessly to keep the neighborhood pool safe from evil terrorist villans. Who seek to destroy freedom, happiness, and fun.

Every evening after dinner, WITHOUT FAIL, these agents drag their poor mother the block and a half from the house to the pool. TWICE on Saturdays.

Here is agent Brain surfacing after successfully retrieving a sinister looking green tube. Could have been a bomb you know.

There's millions of these little green bombs at our pool. This requires help from agent Bro. The agents are worried they won't be able to diffuse them all in time.

Agent Noodle isn't worried though. She knows that as long as she keeps that grin (which is a mile long) across her face no evil doer would dare come close. Agent noodle also has the ability to morph into a shape that strongly resembles a drowned rat... This agent is fierce.

Here agent Snake is rescuing agent Fingers from a sinister trap. These agents don't work alone. They are a team!

The world is safe again thanks to the members of the C.I.A.
... for now
a swimming agent's work is never done.

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  1. i'm always afraid to take my camera to the pool. i'm glad you did. those kiddos are darling. keep having fun swimming, i hope this means they are sleeping well at night :)