Thursday, June 30, 2011

Conversation With The Snake

The Setting: We are sitting at church and three young men come sit down in front of me and my three boys after having just passed the sacrament.

Snake - "Mom! That boy has bug bites all over his face!"
Me - "SHH....
the rest of the conversation is in hushed whispers
Me - "They aren't bug bites. They're zits."
Snake - "Mom?"
Me - "What?"
Snake - "Whats zits?"
Me - "Your body changes when your a teenager and you can get this white stuff under your skin. When you squeeze it really hard it will shoot out of your face like a rocket."
Snake - "Cool."
Me - "Ya."
Snake - "But Mom?!?!"
Me - "What baby?"
Snake - "Do zits hurt?"
Me - "Ya"
Snake - "Mom?"
Me - "Yes"
Snake - ".... I don't want to be a teenager."

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