Sunday, June 19, 2011

Catch Up Countdown

Who isn't playing catch-up these days? So here is a little count down to let you know what we have been up to the past month or so:

10 - (well technically 11) weeks of Summer Vacation. The kids will be happy to find out that while they were gone this weekend I figured out how to get Netflix to stream stuff on our Wii.... so they can watch Phineas and Ferb to their hearts content. All summer. Here we go.

9 - as in the age of my oldest child. Wait, I have a nine year old? When did this happen? Sigh, I feel so old.

8 - petunia plants planted under my front window.

7 - special orders for a special ice cream day we decided to have last Saturday. Any kind of ice cream treat, from any store in town. Ever sit in Dairy Queen's drive through ordering 4 ice cream desserts while licking a double decker Baskin Robins waffle cone with Love Potion 31, AND Razpberry Cheese Louise? Ya, me neither.

6 - hours of sleep... a day... see #4

5 - kids sleeping in a tent in the backyard

4 - days a week. I've been working the "noc" shift (because calling it "grave yard" doesn't sound very nice in the health care industry) as a CNA since I'm not in school right now.

3 - weeks of special family home evenings. These FHE's were each dedicated to a special Book of Mormon Character that shares a name with a special little boy I know. They each got to open a present that was their name sake's action figure and learn all about their new BOM hero.

2 - as in Alternate #2. But I got a call a week and a half after I got my alternate letter... letting me know that there was an opening for me in the program. I'm proud to announce that this fall I will be a baby nurse (nursing student) at Linn Benton Community College.

1 - gallon of snot. I did not know that the human face was capable of producing that much fluid. Thank you Willamette Valley or as I like to call it ALLERGY VALLEY, for the Anatomy and Physiology lesson.

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