Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Everyday

I was inspired to make this list after reading one on my friends blog. It is quite early in the morning. The kids are not up yet. Here is what I can expect today:

1. The Snake will be the first one up and need some "mommy cuddle time" before he can face his day.
2. Mr. Fingers will ask, "What day is it?" (hoping for me to say Saturday... which I will not be saying today)
3. Which will lead into his next daily question, "Do I HAVE to go to school today?"
4. It will take me a second to figure out who had a shower yesterday morning and then send the appropriate little boy to the bathroom to wash.
5. There will have been some kind of accident during the night and I will need to start a load of laundry.
6. I will make cereal or oatmeal for the boys, even though their school provides breakfast every morning for their students. The boys only refer to it as "second breakfast."
7. I will loose track of time and look at the clock only to see that the boys should have left for the bus stop 2 minutes ago.... and I'll rush to shoo them out the door.
8. The Snake will want to go to school with me.
9. I will want to go to daycare with The Snake.
10. I will get to see my fellow pre-nursing besties at school, and either be totally enthralled or trying to stay awake during the lectures.
11. I will be doing an assignment or reading a text book every moment that I am not in class, from sunrise to sunset.
12. When I get home @ 2:00 the Snake will need a nap.
13. When I get home @ 2:00 I will need a nap (usually doesn't happen though).
14. I WILL have to remind the boys AGAIN when they crash through the door after school that their little brother is asleep and they NEED TO BE QUIET.
15. Mr. Fingers will be hungry.
16. The Brain will "not have any homework."
17. I will check his backpack and see that he was mistaken.
18. Mr. Finger will still be hungry.
19. Dinner will be a disappointment to the children. They expect hot dogs every night.
20. I will be asked, "How much do I have to eat in order to get down?"
21. The Snake will need a bath.
22. Mr. Fingers will be hungry again... and will be reminded that this is because he did not eat his dinner.
23. I will have school assignments to do.
24. The kids will watch some Avatar: The Last Airbender.
25. At some point in the day The Snake will have watched Dora.
26. I will have to tell the kids to get dressed for bed.
27. Half an hour later will have to tell the kids to get dressed for bed again.
28. There will be tooth past in the sink.
29. Mr. Fingers will be hungry.
30. Mr. Fingers will ask, "Do I have to go to school tomorrow?"
31. I will miss my husband terribly, and try to stay awake so I can snuggle him when he gets home at 10:00 ... but I will fail.

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