Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer Algebra Lesson


+ b

= c

The a + b part was a lot of work. Honey Bear and I used a couple buckets and made lots of trips from the driveway to the sand box. It only took an hour though..... I originaly was thinking it would take us the whole day.
Poor kids. We've been talking about, and planning for this sand box all summer. They've only got a couple weeks to actually play in it before school starts. Although, I know a little Snake that will continue to enjoy it long after his big brothers go back to school.
While playing in their brand, spank'n, new sand box the the boys heard a song. Not just any song, but the song of summer. The one that makes a kid's heart lurch, the adrenaline flows, and one very urgent thought comes to their minds: how much money is in my piggy bank, and can I grab it fast enough to catch the ice cream man?
Luckily, Grandpa from OK was just here and gave each of the kids a wad of cash. So it was a mad dash to their underwear drawers... while mom sprinted to catch the ice cream man.

Good news... we all made it in time.

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