Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sorry GrAnny

My mom made this quilt for Lil' Sis. GrAnny liked it so much that she said if Lil' Sis didn't want it she wanted it back. Lil' Sis was here yesterday and as soon as I showed it to her she did this:

Sorry GrAnny. I don't think your getting it back.

This little girl LOVES her new blankie.

It was actually Big Brother's birthday yesterday and he got an awesome bike. We went outside to watch him ride it. After a while I noticed that Lil' Sis wasn't with us. So I went in the house and surprise... she was having more blankie time.

I watched her very carefully straighten the whole thing out. Pulling ever so gently at each corner until there were no wrinkles and it was absolutely smooth. Then she laid on it for a minute. Then she gathered her stuffed animal friends on it for a picnic. All too soon it was time to go back to her mom's house and she had to say goodbye to the quilt. I have a feeling I know what she is going to do first thing she steps foot in this house again.... GET HER BLANKIE.

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  1. That's so adorable. I remember you wrapping Ben up like a tortilla when he was a baby.